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Stevia Bloat/Gas?

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  • Stevia Bloat/Gas?

    Today was the 2nd time I've ever had stevia (Kal brand, stevia is the only ingredient, 1 scoop). This was in tea and now I'm insanely bloated beyond belief. I can't remember if I had this sort of reaction the first time, but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this? I tried to look this up in the forums and it seems it causes no problems for others besides maybe a numb tongue?

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    My mother and I both got stevia poisoning after a good year. We were consuming so much each day that it just became toxic in our bodies.

    I looked long and hard online to find one little article about other people experiencing the same thing.

    We just kind of always assumed that since it was "healthy", it was ok to have as much as we wanted. Too much of a good thing = not good .

    So trust your gut ( pun intended). You know that it's the stevia that you're reacting to. Just because everyone else in the USA thinks it's the second coming doesn't mean you're not reacting to it! (And to Stevia lovers - I'm not knocking it. It's great in moderation).

    I started using xylitol, which is infamous for the same symptoms: bloating, stomach issues, diarrhea even. But many people get used to xylitol with continued use. When I first started using it, I bloated a bit, but I don't experience any side affects from it anymore!

    So if you want to take the risk (if you're not allergic), try to continue the stevia for a few days and see if it gets better. If not, there are other substitutes out there - lo han guo, xylitol, eyrithol (sp? I'm too lazy to look that up haha).

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      Some info here.
      An excerpt:
      Examples of polyol FODMAPs include xylitol and sorbitol. These are sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols are not broken down in the small bowel, so they do not cause significant blood glucose elevation when eaten. They do get fermented in the colon, though, and it is possible to exacerbate irritable bowel syndrome or get osmotic diarrhea by, say, compulsively chewing sugarless gum or eating “diabetic” chocolates.

      Inulin, polyols and FOS are all very common additives found in the junk marketed as “sugar-free”, “low carb”, or “diabetic”. Many are not aware of how much digestive upset they can cause. Another good reason to stick with real food and not eat anything that comes in a box, whether it says “low fat” or “low carb” or “sugar free”.
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        are you using the drops of liquid stevia or the stevia powder. the powder usually comes with inulin and can cause some major GI upheavel

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          I'm definitely going to try it again just to see if the symptoms come back. I don't usually use sweeteners, but I've been trying to find better options for my bf's sake for when he craves his hot cocoa. Anything for love.....even gas. He'll just have to deal if he wants his drink. However I did check up on him and he had no symptoms that he noticed.

          I went over all the powder stevia brands out there and made sure none were cut with anything extra, especially inulin. I don't need any extra help in that department. lol


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            I've been using Truvia because it's the only sweetener I've tried that doesn't cause me to have issues. I used xylitol for a while and holy crap it made me downright offensive to be around. LOL. If there were a way to harness the energy output from my bum I could've heated my whole house this winter.


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              I'm pretty sensitive GI-wise and I haven't had any problems with liquid stevia at all. I can't say the same for xylitol, erythritol, or anythingendingintol......
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                a scoop? I use the tiniest amount to replace two teaspoons in my coffee and that amount is just fine. A scoop in my coffee would have me throwing the coffee down the sink.
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                  Originally posted by Moochy View Post
                  a scoop? I use the tiniest amount to replace two teaspoons in my coffee and that amount is just fine. A scoop in my coffee would have me throwing the coffee down the sink.
                  The scoop comes with the stevia. It's realllllly small. About the amount of a pinch? In no way does it even come close to a tsp!


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                    I tried stevia for the first time yesterday~blech. It made me feel sick to my stomach, and it just reminded me of that awful Splenda taste. I'll pass on the sweeteners, or just steal a little honey from my bees if I'm desperate. :/
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