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Food allergies and lab work (and a husband who doesn't think he has a problem)

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  • Food allergies and lab work (and a husband who doesn't think he has a problem)

    My husband went to the doc today to review bloodwork he had 2 weeks ago. Shock and surprise when the doc said he has food allergies that actually showed up on bloodwork. Both wheat and milk showed a positive IgE reaction, which the doctor said is usually an "immediate" reaction. Casein and gliadin antibody (gluten) also showed up as IgG reaction positive, which the doc said can be short-term, but because both the IgE and IgG were positive, it's more likely lifelong. However, the IgA gliadin antibody was negative. Anyone know what this means?

    Also, he was positive to candida for all three -- IgG, IgA, and IgE. The doc said he has systemic yeast. Additionally, his HDL was only 31, insulin was high, and C-Reactive protein was high. The doc tried to explain to him that his whole body is inflamed, but because these foods don't cause GI issues, he doesn't understand that they're inflaming his body.

    My husband doesn't think he has a problem except for his weight (he needs to lose about 80 pounds). He is a bit overwhelmed because he doesn't understand that when the doc said NO GLUTEN, NO DAIRY, NO SUGAR, he meant it. He thinks he can have a wheat roll here or there and that isn't a problem. Or a bit of parmesan cheese in salad dressing. Or wheat in soy sauce. When I showed him everything that contains these items, he was so surprised. I know it's going to take awhile to sink it, but it's obvious his health is at risk.

    No one is more surprised than me to see he has actual food allergies -- I'm the one with the GI symptoms and every single one of these tests were negative for me.

    How can I help him without overwhelming him??


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    You can't. This is kind of a life-threatening thing. You'll just have to tell him "Honey, we are not buying anything that contains stuff you're allergic to. Period."
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      You can't control what he does but you can make a gluten, dairy, and sugar free home. Gluten/wheat is hidden in many products, including shampoos and skin products. It sounds like you could benefit from not eating grains as well. You can still have a sensitivity and not have it show up in your blood work.

      Good luck! Hopefully he will come around.


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          Thanks for your replies and for the link.

          I feel really badly for my husband because he knew he needed to change his eating habits and lose weight. He has already started doing that. I totally did not expect food allergies, dyslipidemia, or high CRP. Again, I'm the one with the food sensitivities without having positive blood work (so I am already gluten-free) and our dinners are always gluten-free (I also have my daughter gf because I think it's best for kids not to eat that stuff). But for lunch, he's used to going to Subway because he thinks it's healthy, no matter what I tell him. All this time, he's realized our daughter has a problem with gluten (we took her off gluten over a year ago when she ate pizza at a birthday party and screamed the entire had happened before and I realized that it was causing a problem). So he believes gluten can be a bad thing. But he has always believed he could eat anything (and he is a completely non-picky eater -- there is nothing he doesn't like). So this is a huge shock for him. Trying to get him to realize the seriousness of this will be difficult since he thinks it doesn't matter for his weight loss. I'm telling him that with an inflamed body, weight loss is really difficult.

          So, today is a shopping day. He is not ready to give up all grains, so we have to find some crackers and such for lunch that he can eat. He also wants to be able to eat at restaurants for lunch with his friends sometimes, so I am helping him understand what has gluten and dairy in it. This is going to be a long road, but all this is making sense to me why he has such a moody, depressed personality and why all he wants to do is sleep. At least I have some answers.


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            You sound like you are approaching this the best way you can. I don't know if your husband is like mine but the more I tell him something, the less he listens. Especially if it is something he does not want to deal with. Of course, his friends can say the same thing and suddenly it makes sense! They have to to come to terms with things in their own time and their own way.

            I know when I found out about my wheat allergy, I went through a little denial period. It was tough to accept, especially when you start to realize how much of what we use on a daily basis has wheat or gluten in it. I had to focus on what I could eat, not what I couldn't. Sometimes I think we fight it more when we are told we can't do something than if we make the decision ourselves.

            Before I gave up all grains, I used to eat rice crackers. They were pretty good and gave you something to eat dips with. There are also recipes for making crakers with nut flours that are pretty tasty too.


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              His dairy allergy may clear up once his gut heals from being gluten-free for a period of time. I can now eat all dairy--which previously caused an immediate reaction.
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                Crunchmaster are the crackers don't taste like dirt (IMO, and BS will eat them too).

                Would he be amenable to doing a trial for 30 days or so?
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                  Originally posted by Twibble View Post
                  Crunchmaster are the crackers don't taste like dirt (IMO, and BS will eat them too).

                  Would he be amenable to doing a trial for 30 days or so?
                  Thanks for that. It's funny you mention those; my daughter eats them very occasionally (she used to like crackers, but now seems to prefer banana chips and trail mix with nuts/seeds and dried cherries). There is a market by her daycare that always has samples of those out and I still give her a few with the wonderful sample cheese they always have.

                  My husband found some rice/sesame crackers from TJ's that are gf and dairy free and likes them. He works with Japanese people and said they remind him of the crackers they bring in all the time.