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abdominal side bulges

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  • abdominal side bulges

    the weirdest thing has happened in the past couple months....i've noticed that on the sides of my abdomen, right above my hips, there are big bulges. i don't know if they are my obliques, or if it's fat, or something else (like bulging intestines?) this developed after i started doing lots of core/ab work, so maybe it is the obliques, but it looks really bad and i want to get rid of it. it looks like a side muffin top! anybody have any idea what this could be?

    also, i've been gaining weight since doing primal and really ramping up my lower body workouts. it feels like fat though, because my clothes are getting soooooo tight, i barely fit into them anymore. i don't eat grains and keep my carbs to about 100 g a day or lower. i try to get about 70 g protein and 50-100 g fat a day. i'm 5'3" - used to weigh about 103 and now i'm around 112. i wonder if i am gaining fat?


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    Sounds like your external obliques are getting bigger, a pic would really help though.

    If you don't want your abs or obliques to get bigger, then don't do so much ab work. Personally I almost never train my abs because they are just naturally large, if I train them much then they grow out of proportion.


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      It sounds like your obliques are getting overdeveloped (which will make them wider.) Don't do oblique exercises- do planks and side planks instead.


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        ok, here are pics.....please excuse my attire. now that i see the pics, i don't think they're obliques. i think they're something weird, maybe my intestines? or fat. as you can see, i'm pretty bloated, and i've been always bloated for the past 4 years or so. i have good toned arms and legs, but i cannot get rid of my belly fat, and i know i have a 6 pack but even when i was 10 lbs thinner i couldn't see it. i have lots of cellulite on my stomach. it drives me nuts.