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Life Insurance Blood Work Advice Needed

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  • Life Insurance Blood Work Advice Needed

    I have a blood test for life insurance coming up in about a week and a half so I'm hoping for advice. My blood tests are generally fabulous to me, but the Freidwald-based LDL calculations would make most CW doctors pause. I fear these badly-calculated LDL numbers could put me in a high-risk category for life insurance despite my impressive HDL and triglycerides.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Tips?

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    In addition to to the blood work they do for insurance, they will be asking you height, weight, etc. The person who does the testing won't be able to do much other than administer the testing. The underwriters will take into consideration other factors like your height and weight.

    I would wait and see what the results of the bloodwork are and if there is an issue then, you should be able to provide some explanation for any skewed numbers. Is your family doctor on your side as far as how the testing is done? An explanation from him/her might be needed if it comes to that.

    I think the main reason they are testing your blood is for HIV etc., although I found out I had an elevated enzyme in my liver (fatty liver), from doing an insurance blood test.

    I'm not sure what your height and weight are, and if there has been a significant change in the past year (that's usually on the insurance application).

    Not sure if that helps. Good luck.

    A couple of other minor unrelated tips:
    - have a good night sleep before the day of the testing
    - don't smoke immediately before hand
    - relax


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      Generally with life insurance the doctor doesn't matter much -- what data they collect will be fed into the actuarial tables and that will determine your premium. Those tables are unfortunately mired in CW thinking. Only thing I can think of that would make things less expensive is to get a term policy instead of one of the various "cash-value" ones.


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        I was also told not to drink alcohol within 24 hours beforehand as it could skew results.
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