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  • Women and weight loss

    I've seen a WHOLE LOTTA threads by women about variations on "I'm not losing weight!" I don't claim to be an expert, I'm just someone who's been in the trenches with you.
    The female body reacts differently to Primal than the male body. It's a fact of nature. One's meant for birthing and rearing children, one's not.
    I have two theories on this, of which both, either, or neither may be correct:
    1) You're finally giving your body the nourishment it needs, it reacts by shifting fat cells from emergency (famine) supply areas of the body to fertility areas, because you're shifting from being in what your body perceives as a time of famine to a time where babies might be able to survive.
    2) With better nourishment and more movement, more of the energy is going towards your muscles, as opposed to the fat cells. You're building muscle as you lose fat, and a certain mass of muscle is sleeker and thinner than the same mass fat fat. Hence, you're losing inches, but not pounds.
    It happens. What you lost could've been water weight or carb bloat. It's also quite possible that you're losing the fat in less visible/ measurable areas or that you were sick in some fashion when you measured last. If you're feeling better, then something's going right, right?
    Reexamine your goal weight/ weight loss/ body fat percentage. As a whole, women tend to set these goals too high (i.e. wanting to lose 20 lb when, in reality, you'd be unhealthily thin at that weight.) Perhaps that last 5 lb doesn't need to go away. Perhaps you need to merely start lifting heavy things to make those slack muscles come back into alignment or work on your posture. Or, if you KNOW you need to lose weight (overweight, etc), your body may still be transitioning over from what you were doing to what you're doing now. If you're past that (you've been at it for several months) then perhaps it's a combination of the above two categories. Do your clothes fit better? Do you feel better? Do you like what you see in the mirror?

    Any which way, you gotta give it time. Go by what you see in the mirror and how your clothes fit, as opposed to the scale. The scale lies.
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    I've lost more inches than weight.

    I would throw out the scale, but it does body fat percentages as well.
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      Great post naiadknight!

      I'm not sure if I'm losing weight as I only weigh once a month but I am definitely noticing inches coming off. I barely have any muffin top over my pants now as opposed to what I had 3 weeks ago.

      I also go by feeling different things in your body, like bones you've never felt before which is really cool. I haven't started doing any kind of working out as of yet, injured my arm on the ice in my driveway Tuesday, but if all feels good come Monday then I will start doing some movement.


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        I try not to measure by losses, but by gains~in self-confidence, health, and of course, compliments lol
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          Agreed! Also adding in... maybe your body is now working feverishly hard at fixing all of the damage/nutritional deficiencies/hormonal imbalances that your old CW diet has caused. Maybe, instead of losing inches/fat/weight ... you're body is HEALING. As things come back into balance, your body can then turn from healing itself to working more optimally.
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            Great post!

            I can't actually measure by weight because I don't own a scale! I never had, and probably never will.
            But I do notice that I have more concentration, more energy (sometimes), and my jeans and pants are fitting better. That matters to me way more than what my weight is. I've always been measuring my "weight loss" with what size pants I can fit in lol


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              Lost 30 lbs scale weight on CW dieting and dropped one pant size.

              Lost 30lbs scale weight primal and lost 4 pant sizes.

              Plus I feel a shit-ton better than ever in my life. Holy hell I wish I'd have lived this way in my 20s.

              The final pieces of the puzzle for me were dialing in my stress, getting enough sleep and vit d supplementation. Once those three things were rollin' I started losing those "pesky" last few inches. Still a little way to go....

              I think too many women obsess and stress over minute details of the diet/what's not happening weight-wise and forget that STRESS can have a huge impact on weight loss. Those little every day stresses add up....
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                Great post!! I'm in the "not losing either" camp. I've been at this for 4 weeks now... although just started journaling on 1/31. As I was eating pretty clean before starting this WOL, I didn't see any initial water weight drop... I actually GAINED weight on week 3 (which is what prompted the journaling). This week I am 0.4 lbs down (after last week's gain). I know I need to start walking and lifting weights more... I KNOW this!

                If anyone wants to critique my journal, please and THANK YOU!!


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                  Originally posted by kennelmom View Post
                  Lost 30 lbs scale weight on CW dieting and dropped one pant size.

                  Lost 30lbs scale weight primal and lost 4 pant sizes.
                  This is so awesome! Reminds me of Batty's story. IIRC, she said she weighed the same at size 14 as she does now at size 6. It's all about the muscle. Great post, naiadknight, so true!!
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                    Great thread!!! I think the best thing I did when I started was take my measurements on the first day on 1 Nov 2010... I checked them on 16 Jan and discovered I'd lost an 1" across all the measurements... I'm trying to move more. I figure I'll check my measurements again in another month or so... and we'll see how it goes.

                    yes the scale has moved, but its the measurements and the fact that clothes that used to fit are now fitting... while I'd love to suddenly see 6pack abs and all... I know it took me two pregnancies to put on this weight - so it will take at least 18mths for all the pregnancy weight to be gone, and I've got more still to loose... I want safe, effective fat loss, that doesn't leave loose hanging skin. I'm ok with the occasional plateau here and long as I feel better, look better, and set an example of a healthy relationship w/food for my kids.
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                      i wanted to add....many women here are past their fertile years and coming from a standard diet... i think initial weight gain is restoration of nutrients and bone density increase
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                        Bone density. Good point Malpaz. I'm also fighting my way back to healthy bone density after chemo put it into the osteopenia category.


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                          That's another thing I'm hoping to avoid, osteoporosis. My mother had that and scoliosis and it was hell for me to see the pain she was in from those things.


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                            Originally posted by MalPaz View Post
                            i wanted to add....many women here are past their fertile years and coming from a standard diet... i think initial weight gain is restoration of nutrients and bone density increase
                            Never thought of that before, but I think that's a very good point.
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                              Here's another thing to consider, if you are peri-menopausal or post-menopausal and have had trouble losing weight on PB:

                              If your body is losing or has lost most of its supply of estradiol, it will not be happy and will encourage increased fat storage, where the substitute estrogen estrone can be manufactured. I think this is the reason so many post-menopausal women have trouble losing weight...the fat cells are the body's only estrogen-factory once the ovaries stop producing estradiol. And the adrenal glands do not take up the slack...only fat cells can. This may be the reason that smart people like Diana Schwarzbein, endocrinologist, says (when giving advice on how to lose weight), reduce carbohydrates AND replace hormones that are missing with bioidentical hormones. Just something to think about.
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