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Can 'carb flu' return when going _lower_ carb?

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  • Can 'carb flu' return when going _lower_ carb?

    Hi All,

    I started paleo/primal in June of 2010 -- results so far are promising. At that time I lowered carb intake to between 100-150g daily and (with a few cheat days here and there) have stuck to that level. I lost about 17lbs fairly quickly. Weight loss isn't a real concern (I'm a small guy, resonably lean to begin with - currently weight 147lbs, around 12% BF).

    When I first started I had read about the 'carb flu', and expected it -- I had what I suspect was a mild case - felt a little under the weather for a few days, however it cleared up quickly and I was rewarded with the quick weight loss and higher energy levels (surprisingly, my run/race times got better too - I did not expect that).

    Having stuck to the regime for 6+ months I decided I would like to see if I could reduce the BF% a bit further (those photos of Mark are prompting me to work a bit harder - he's not /that/ much older than me :-) And so I reduced carb levels to <=50g/daily 4 days ago.

    The (unexpected this time) 'carb flu' symptoms arrived yesterday, and are worse this time around. Achy muscles, a slight cough, low energy level, difficulty focusing on work. All around ugh.

    I going to wait this out - my current goal is a cheat-free February, with every day <= 50g carbs -- however I'm wondering if this is a common result of (further) lowering carb consumption, and I should have expected a few bad days?

    Thanks very much for any/all insight - cheers,


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    I'm not convinced you got carb flu on 150g of carbs per day--I wonder if that was just a coincidental mild illness or the result of expecting to feel bad?

    NOW you're getting carb flu. Push through it, it's great the other side

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      Yes, I experienced symptoms immediately after going Primal (60-70 g carbs) and then again when I dropped down to 20 g net carbs. I'm now hovering between 30-40 net carbs and feeling great!
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        Yeah sounds like the carb flu. Mine only lasted 2 days. It started on day 4 and I still went to work out on that day. I bet yours will clear up pretty soon because you were eating pretty clean beforehand. My main problem was insomnia for the first couple weeks. But that goes away too.


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          I got it twice...the first when I first went primal and cut out the grains etc. The second was 18 days ago. I'm doing a 20 day thing where I cut out all fruit, nuts and dairy, on top of the other stuff. So carbs went waaay down. First 2 or 3 days I was a bit grumpy and headache etc. Cleared up after that. Now I'm just grumpy. heh heh


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            The carb flu can be so weird. Waaay before I really got into primal eating, I ate 75g of carbs one day (low for me at the time), and the next morning I felt like I was DYING. Then I ate a sweet potato and was healed. I never, ever felt bad when I intentionally went low-carb. Was that some form of carb-flu, or just coincidence? I'll probably never know, and I don't really care, haha.


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              Thank you everyone for the replies -- very useful information! :-)