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Is C02 consumption bad for us?

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  • Is C02 consumption bad for us?

    Although I consume no soft drink at all, I do like a few beers on the weekend - sometimes more than a few.
    Now I brew and keg my own beers, and love mineral water, so one thing I like doing is chilling and gassing a keg of cold water and adding a little bi-carb, salts and sugar - which is basically flavorless Gatorade and a great thirst quencher.
    I work out in my garage and because I have this stuff on tap I will drink up to two liters a day, particularly now when the weather is scorching - like now.

    Obviously both the beer and water are carbonated with C02 - which of course is what we breath out, so it just got me thinking what effect - if any - oral C02 consumption has on the body.
    I read somewhere Clint Eastwood stopped consuming carbonated beverages years ago as part of his health regimen, but I cant find any research to support it.
    Sounds a bit hokey, but who knows, Clint is still kicking arse at 80.

    Ever heard of this?

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    I'm curious on this topic as well. I like to drink the flavored soda water sometimes. (And no I don't actually want to know where the flavorings come from or what they are. It's still better than Dr. Pepper!) But I sometimes wonder how much would be too much?


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      The only thing I've seen about it (and it's been ages) is that it changes the pH of your stomach and can make it harder to absorb vitamins. I have no idea how true it is, however.


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        I was diagnosed with osteopenia (the borderline condition to full blown osteoporosis) after chemo. I was advised by my doctor to never drink any carbonated drinks because they interfere with calcium uptake and can encourage calcium to be leached out of your bones to compensate.