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UK/Europe, codex alimentarius and D3 etc

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  • UK/Europe, codex alimentarius and D3 etc

    This is just a quick post, hopeing someone might be able to clarify... what happens to D3, fermented fish oil, probiotics, magnesium, phosphorus supplements and so on after April? I think this is the month I read the codex comes into play.

    Does anyone know the ins and outs of this legislation?


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    I haven't read all the info yet, but I found a briefing note on the houses of parliament website


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      OMG, what a worry! I've just so improved my health by using D3. Can we be a minority religion which has D3 instead of communion wine? Or halal meat? I have a RIGHT to eat well! And to enjoy optimum health....


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        Similar to laws in the US. Doesn't stop sales and marketing, just claims about efficacy. Considering the amount of questionable stuff in this category, like a lot of the "cleanse" crap, it is not such a bad thing.
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          As long as we can still BUY the things I want I don't care what claims they make or don't make.

          I just hope it will stop Flora margarine from claiming to be "Heart Healthy", and all those funny yogurt drinks claiming to lower cholesterol. ~Can't listen to the radio or open a magazine without seeing these impossible to believe adverts.


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            Are you serious? All this hoohah amounts to a re-labelling of all supplements to assert that they don't claim to cure, prevent or treat any diseases?

            Judging by the pamphlet in the window of my local health food shop, and all the fuss on those conspiracy websites that come up when I search for information on the internet, it's designed to stop the sale of any nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, drugs and so on.

            I heard that it was all going to end (i.e. the sale of all of these things) and we'd only be able to get our cod liver oil from the doctor, only if he prescribes it, and only then at a minimum "recommended dose" sanctioned by big pharma. Oh and the supplements will all be made by big pharma too.

            Don't tell me David Icke was wrong about this? :P