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I Am An Assertive Woman Now! (Did I just Roar?)

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  • I Am An Assertive Woman Now! (Did I just Roar?)

    I feel like I am a different person now. Things, people and issues that used to bother or scare me just... don't anymore.

    I ripped an old friend who I've always had a problem with "a new one" when he started in on something. All the old self-help books, all the verbal judo advice I had read, learned, and integrated fell to the wayside after I said what had to be said, in the perfect way, with the perfect tone, with the perfect eye-contact...all automatically!

    Another issue that had put me in a mental, emotional and spiritual breakdown for years I looked at the other day and thought... "Eh...! Who cares." And I really *don't*!

    My whole makeup now is "I am an Alpha, everything else is my equal, subordinate, or prey." Last year it was more, "I hope they're not mad at me, maybe I better apologize or hide?"

    Has anyone else felt this way since PB? I'd like to hear especially from other women.

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    No, but I love the new attitude, and I hope that happens to me too!

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      I've always felt like an alpha. PB didn't change that but it may be one of the reasons why it feels very right for me. It also could be that I really like steak.


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        I've never been assertive. I'd just like to get to the point where I don't give a crap anymore about things. I'm figuring if I became assertive, I would then be able to tell my husband simple truths about things and I'm more worried about hurting his feelings versus me being happy.


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          mmm......geostump....I can relate!


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            janagram, all I can say is thank goodness for friends! I know a lot of people don't agree with that but after 14 years and trying to get him to change, sometimes you have to try something else.


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              i was already like this. perhaps i am 'worse' now.


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                Have always been assertive, but some people know the right buttons to push that make me crumble. Lately, that hasn't happened. A few people have tried with the drama crap, and I've been calling them out on it instead of reacting emotionally. Feels good.
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                  I feel calmer and less reactive to my family now.
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                    "I am an Alpha, everything else is my equal, subordinate, or prey."
                    I have this attitude (which pairs well with being an Aries) but it didn't come with Primal so much as it did with weight loss in general.


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                      Absolutely agree. I used to just get so frustrated with everyone and everything for such little things - to the point where it was destroying most of my friendships. People who knew me a year ago would describe me about a thousand times different than people who know me now.
                      Now I don't bother with people who create drama, and spend my time making myself happy (which now, is quite easy! ).

                      But I love to hear everyone else is feeling this way. Just reinforces my love for PB!


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                        I have always been assertive, but with too much of an edge to be as effective as I should be. I feel so much better in balance and so much less stress-addled, that even though objectively things are just as bad as they've ever been (and maybe a little worse!), it just doesn't get to me. Or it very rarely gets to me enough to throw me, even a little bit.

                        I just got an email while stuck in a meeting that was physically painful from the overwhelming boringosity of people who Would. Not. Shut. Up! I was fighting the urge to stand up and scream, and/or stick something pointy menacingly in someone's face.

                        It's from professional colleague but also personal friend, who's known me through good and bad times. I recently saw him over Xmess and he's touching base from further travels:
                        You seem so "at peace" with your life right now
                        The timing made me laugh. But, it's not just me who's seeing a difference
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