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Vitamin D levels conversion please?

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  • Vitamin D levels conversion please?

    I have had my vitamin D levels checked but I think they are in a different measurement to what you are mostly talking about.

    The details I have on my results are -

    250H Cholecalciferol 88nmol/L (50-150 is range lab uses but I suspect not the optimum range)

    Can anybody shed any light on this for me?

    thanks very much!

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    to convert the nmol/L to ng/ml units that are customary in the U.S., divide the value by a factor of 2.5.

    Your answer is 35.2 ng/ml, 30 points too low to be optimum at 60 to 70 ng/ml.

    Per the rule of thumb from the Vitamin D Council,
    " Each 1,000 IU change in dosage will result in a 10 ng/ml change in blood testing"

    You need to add 3,000 IU daily to your Vitamin D3 dosage. How many IU's were you taking, and for how long?

    I am happy to see that you are taking your Vitamin D3 seriously. You will prevent a Pandora's Box full of disease & misery. See Vitamin D Special Report below:

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      Thank you so much! That is very helpful. Interesting to see it compared with the measures in the USA.

      I have been very conscious of vitamin D for quite a few years now but have only had my levels checked a couple of months ago. I was hoping I was getting enough by actively seeking sun in the middle of the day a few times a week (timetable doesn't allow for more than that) Obviously it was not enough though.

      My doctor told me to start off with 2000IU while I sorted out my magnesium levels (also low) as apparently the 2 work in unison. (not sure exactly how though, you probably do) Then after my low magnesium symptoms were gone, I was to increase to 4000IU for a couple of months before getting my levels checked again.

      She is a fantastic, broad minded doctor whom I trust very much so I thought that she would be on the right track but I was interested to see how it compared with what you guys were doing. Thanks for the links Grizz, that Willam Davis website looks great.
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        I just got my results back. I live in northern alberta, the test was taken in December so there's not much sun around here these days. I have been supplementing with 5000iu (D3) every day for about 2 years and have had lapses here and there but overall fairly average. The result was 144nmol/l which in my calculation is 57.6.

        My doctor told me (last year) that all I need is 1000iu per day. I doubt that I would have had this result with 1000iu a day... still need a bit more, and will work on being consistent in the future.


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          We recently got our blood test results after taking 10,000 IU daily for 3 months.
          Mrs grizz was perfect at 74 ng/ml
          I was way too low at 45 ng/ml
          I have boosted my dosage to 12,000 IU Daily and will test again in 6 months.

          See Vitamin D Special Report below,