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Best supplements/foods for healing from a car crash?

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  • Best supplements/foods for healing from a car crash?

    My brother was recently crushed between two box truck bumpers and has intense swelling in his knees, a possible tear in his meniscus (couldn't tell with imaging because swelling was so bad), a fractured tibia, and a gash on his leg. He passed out because of the pain trying to leave the hospital with crutches

    My mom requested I ask this board for advice on supplements for quick healing.

    First thing that comes to mind is probiotics to fight infection, plenty of protein for the body repairing itself, and everyone needs vitamin d. What else comes to mind?
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    OUch!!! Dayum.

    Well, from being in a horrible accident myself, the biggest thing I can recommend is to keep the inflammation down, which is going to be huge throughout his whole body. If he's inflamed, he's going to be just THAT much sore, as well as it will impede his healing process. He's gotta keep off inflammatory foods (so, basically a Primal diet plus no dairy or nuts), as well as take in foods with anti-inflammatory properties, such as coconut oil. He can take in the CO internally as well as apply it externally to his injury sites. It will be absorbed straight through the dermis very quickly.

    He for sure is going to need physical therapy once he's able, and I highly recommend Rolfing if he finds he is having structural alignment issues and/or any sort of gait disorder that PT cannot fix. I did both concurrently, and both the PT and the Rolfer said they've never seen anyone progress as quickly as me. (My anti-inflammatory diet also played a huge role, I am certain.)

    Sending my best regards,
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      P.S. I also highly recommend a product called IONIX Supreme, which is healing unlike anything else I've ever seen. You can get some on eBay (where I get mine); you don't have to join Isagenix to get it. My best friend was shipping this stuff to my hospital room, at my request.
      "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates