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    I am wondering if anyone here has restless leg syndrome and if so how do you treat it. I have had it all my life and in the past couple of years it has gotten worse. I have found that extra magnesium helps to alleviate it... just wondering if anyone else experiences RLS here?

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    My RLS seems to be closely associated with magnesium deficiency. I have been helped tremendously by supplementing magnesium. I have tried several kinds. Right now, I'm using magnesium taurate by Cardiovascular Research. It is helping the RLS and anxiety. I think the taurate may also be helping my digestion.
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      I was getting worse and worse RLS (never diagnosed....refused to go to the doctor about a condition I only knew about from drug advertisements!) It's actually one of the things that led me to primal.

      Mine seems to be primarily an iron issue. But I also think it was made much worse by blood sugar variability. Fixing my iron levels and going primal has almost 100% eliminated it. The very minor sensations I occasionally get these days, I would probably never have noticed pre-RLS.

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        I first noticed it being connected to sleep for me, and it seemed to be backward from how most describe it. They say that it causes people to lose sleep b/c of the RLS, but I found that I only got it when I didn't have enough sleep (b/c of staying up late the night before, staying up too late that night, whatever). Then, yes, it could interfere with my sleep, but only if I didn't have enough to start the spiral.

        Anyway, once I regularly started getting enough sleep, it became very rare. And I don't know exactly what got rid of it, but I take Mg as often as I can remember it now and have gone primal and certainly stabilized my blood sugar (which used to be a constant sugar-and-grain-induced roller coaster). No suicide-inducing drugs necessary.
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          I also never knew what it was until the commercials started coming out. It runs in my family and growing up we just referred to it as "leg cramps" even though it wasn't that and sometimes we thought it was growing pains or dehydration. I have never been diagnosed either and will never take medicine for it. I even get it in my torso area, which is pretty rare. From what I have read it seems it may be linked to iron. Going primal will definitely help with that! I used to take potassium to help it, but now I am finding magnesium works much better. I am also working on my vit D deficiency and hoping that will help, too. Glad to hear going primal has helped!


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            My massage therapist kept saying it was related to iron, but I was tested and I'm not anemic. Rather, I have found that magnesium does help it. There is also magnesium oil which can be applied directly for optimum absorption. Quite by accident, I found out that if you soak your feet in warm water or take a shower once the kicking starts in, that will stop it immediately (for the night, so you can get some sleep at least).
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              i find it correlates directly to fatigue, physcal and/or mental
              that said i may try a Mg supplement and see if that helps


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                i'm going to say try mag too. it has helped me so much. right now i take 500mg citrate a day 300am 200pm.