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Staph infection cured with coconut oil

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  • Staph infection cured with coconut oil

    I work in a hospital with lots of lovely germs lurking everywhere. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a red eruption on my face. At first I thought it was a zit, but no, it started spreading more like a rash. It looked exactly like those nasty staph infections I see in the patients I care for.

    At first I tried treating it with my usual benzoyl peroxide zit cream. It got a little drier and crustier, but no signs of going away. It spread some more, got darker red. I got comments "what is that on your face?"

    My partner said "I have some left over bactroban ointment from when I had a staph infection you can use" I used it for 24 hrs. Very greasy. The grease got all over my glasses lens, all over my pillow case. YUCK! No sign of improvement. (I know, I only gave it 24 hours, but I it was not encouraging).

    I remembered reading in the book "The Cococut Oil Miracle" about how coconut oil has antibacterial properties - it literally inserts itself into the cell wall of bacteria and disrupts them somehow. OK then! I put coconut oil on twice a day. It is rapidly absorbed into the skin, and does not leave a greasy film. AFter 24 hours, the red patch was about 50% lighter red. After 4 days, the skin is ALL CLEARED UP!!!! Yahoo!

    My treatment consisted of washing my face morning and night and afterwards applying some coconut oil to the area. Very simple, very fast.

    My only disclaimer is that I never had this skin eruption tested or cultured. I am making the assumption that it was staph based on my professional experience seeing it in others (I am a nurse). Just wanted to report this wonderful success with a natural and primal treatment!

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    Thanks for sharing! I have a small patch of some kind of rash in my underarm area (new deodorant irritated the skin) and it is going away with the CO I apply every morning....
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      i just wanted to reiterate there are varying types of staph (mrsa) and people should not just assume that coconut oil will be a cure. it's awesome that it works, and it helps that you are a nurse and are better able to monitor your condition than perhaps someone with no experience or who has been not tuned into their body for a long time. i just hope if people think they may have some sort of staph infection that they see ther HCP.
      I had a staph infection last year and almost lost my arm. i was on abx every 6 hours for a month. it was the worst health crisis i have ever been in and beyond painful and physically draining.


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        I would qualify this to say that my infection was superficial - very clearly on the surface of the skin, a rash that erupted with little open areas. in this case, the coconut oil has direct access to the offending bacteria. If you have a deeper type of infection, what is called cellulitis, where the redness is apparent but is underneath the surface layers of skin and never erupts but just keeps enlarging its area - then it is time to go see a doctor pronto! but a superficial infection is not dangerous in the same way. It does not get into the bloodstream. It is fine to try treatment with coconut oil. Most MD's prescribe just an antibacterial ointment to put on it rather than subject the entire body to the nastiness of antibiotic exposure (ie wipeout all the good gut bacteria).

        The distinction isn't what type of staph you have (MRSA or not) but where is the infection - superficial or internal. I actually assume that the infection I had was MRSA because I work around it all the time. Studies have shown a majority of hospital workers are carriers of it. But while MRSA may be resistant to methicillin - a type of antibiotic - it is not resistant to the bactericidal properrties of coconut oil.

        ps for those who don't know, MRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. the other common type is MSSA - Methicillin Sensitive Staph Aureus. MRSA is not any more deadly than any other kind of staph - it just isn't killed by the more common varieties of antibiotics and when it creates a serioius infection, we have to hospitalize people and administer intravenous vancomycin because it is the only antibiotic that is effective and there is no oral form of it.


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          Another coconut oil miracle: A regular customer at the shop I work at, amputateed 3 fingers in November. In December, the area got infected. He decided to try coconut oil on it help heal the infection. The next day the infection was drawn out. Its been 10 weeks now and his fingers are almost healed completely. Fingernail are a gagworthy mess but his fingers are functioning and the bones are straight.
          Prett cool if you ask me.
          Calm the f**k down.


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            Many thanks for contributing this information about staff infections, and coconut oil. You are terrific !

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              Thanks for appreciation! I was so amazed I wanted to share the information somewhere and then it hit me that this forum would be a great place to start.


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                There is telephone, television, tellawoman, and then there is tell-a-grizz !

                I have already forwarded your vital information to everyone on my Email List !

                Soon the entire world will know ;--))
                ( except doctors, who refuse to use anything that is not a SUPER EXPENSIVE drug )



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                  In the introduction (written by a medical doctor) to "Coconut Cures" (the same author as "The Coconut Oil Miracle"):

                  "It protects the body from infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, protozoa, worms)--it can kill them. In other words, it is an antibiotic with the widest spectrum of action of all antipathogens."

                  I have a theory that the reason so many people come up with cold sores (herpes simplex II) in the beginning of being Primal is because all the coconut is killing the virus off.
                  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                    Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
                    I have a theory that the reason so many people come up with cold sores (herpes simplex II) in the beginning of being Primal is because all the coconut is killing the virus off.
                    Wait, seriously? I have had 2 cold sores (or is it 3...felt something coming up in my nose but it went away pretty quickly without blistering) since going primal at the beginning of January which is odd because I had been going months and months without getting one...I have been consuming a lot of coconut products. It would be AWESOME if this is actually what is happening! *goes to gobble more coconut*


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                      Well, I guess I should start cooking with coconut oil then! I do use it on my face and hands. It's a wonder for dry winter chapped skin. Within one application, my hands looked "new".


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                        please where can i get this coconut oil?this staph has been disturbing me for months now and i have taken injections and antibiotics like TARIVID yet no improvement.please what should i do?


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                          Originally posted by nickklaus View Post
                          please where can i get this coconut oil?this staph has been disturbing me for months now and i have taken injections and antibiotics like TARIVID yet no improvement.please what should i do?
                          While I have no idea whether it would help with your staph infection or not, organic coconut oil is readily available in most grocery stores these days. The number of ways it can be used and the things people treat with it are truly amazing.


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