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IF'ing, breastfeeding, losing the pouch

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  • IF'ing, breastfeeding, losing the pouch

    Hi everyone
    I have been reading all your posts for ages now, thanks for all the great info. I have been fully primal for about 5 months now and am feeling pretty pleased with how it is all going. No more menstrual cramps, sleeping well, bright skin and eyes.
    I have lost about 18-20 pounds to get back to a size 10 (New Zealand) which puts me at about 130 pounds. (about 5 ft 6 inches tall/168cm tall) I am still sporting a fair bit of below the naval belly fat though and seem to be stuck with shifting it. I don't have calipers and no weight to measure body fat percentage so unsure about that. But I have a definite handful there to grab with 2 hands.
    I am thinking I might need to look at doing some IF'ing to shift it but I am not sure what the idea about that is with breastfeeding. My little one is 15 months old now so breastmilk is by no means her sole source of nutrition - does that make a difference to the idea that fasting isn't a good idea?
    Is milk supply the only concern or is there concern about toxins etc? I am having trouble finding info on it. Does anybody have any thoughts about losing the belly in general?
    thanks in advance

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    In my case, I usually IF from dinner to lunch and do just fine supply-wise. Just got back to work last week and started really pumping so i am taking fenugreek to help me over that hump.

    Some of what you may be seeing is fat, some may be loose skin from the baby. You might not be able to make a huge dent in that -- especially while BFing since supposedly some women's bodies hand onto a certain amount of fat while BFing "just in case".

    But since your baby is eating other foods and you therefore don't make quite so much milk, i doubt that's relevant. I thought last time that that was why i was starving all the time and couldn't lose weight BFing... But I'm losing weight this time and without the supply issues i had last time, so I know it's my primal diet that makes all the difference!
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      Regarding IF and breastfeeding, since your little one is getting food from other sources, I wouldn't be as concerned. You might try doing your IF during the day, so you can monitor how your own body feels. (I personally IF from lunch till breakfast, so I'm asleep during at least half that period).

      However, regarding your " pouch" -- I'm gonna guess that is stretched skin from the pregnancy, since it is so localized. I've been pregnant five times, so I understand what you are describing. For that, you will want to rebuild the entire abdominal wall, with a variety of crunches, side crunches, twists, etc., so that you have maximum support underneath. I would also recommend a good collagen supplement so that your skin can regain it's elasticity and firmness. Finally, move slowly to burn the last remaining fat off -- it will come off all over, but that includes that one spot.

      Good luck, and be patient with yourself. As for me, I know I'll never have the super-tight tummy as a teenager, but I still wear my bikini with pride because I know that I look damn fine for being 50 and having five kids.