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PB-like diet makes national Canadian news

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  • PB-like diet makes national Canadian news

    Just listening to the radio and they had a story on this guy: Sadly no written story on CBC's website, but still - a no starch, no sugar diet featured on a national news story WITHOUT any caveats or "other experts disagree" - just phenomenal success. Progress!

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    Working in a hospital I wish our system had more of these guys!
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      have you seen the paleo diet trial ubc did in alert bay, BC like three years ago? there is even a documentary.
      check it out

      i never heard of this until i entered this community and ran across it in my research
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        Yeah, that was awesome. I heard a woman who took part in it interviewed on the radio a while back - she was really positive about it and said it was really eye-opening the huge difference in how she felt on a traditional diet vs. modern foods.