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What did you do when you were a newbie and still had grain products in the house.

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  • What did you do when you were a newbie and still had grain products in the house.

    I apologize if anyone has asked this question already. I did a search and didn't find anything.

    I've just started PB and I still have raviolis and pierogis in the freezer, some pastas, rice and beans in the pantry. What did others do? I really don't want to throw them out, it would be a waste of money. That and the DH isn't primal. It doesn't bother me to have bread in the house, because I'm not a big bread person, unless it's have some crusty bread with soup or stew. I guess I could plan one non-primal meal every now and then to use them up.
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    Make a separate cabinet just for him and the non-PB foods--he can eat them all.

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      For the items your DH will not eat, you could always give to a local food bank(if they are not opened) or to family members/friends.

      *Note: I have found, that I no longer want to even 'give away' grain items to anyone after reading about how detrimental to ones health they are ... but food is food and some people don't care, that is at least how I see it when I 'give things away' rather than 'throw them away'. To each his own.


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        I have a similar problem as my wife will never give up carbs. I just ignore the bread, chips, crackers, pasta, etc.

        As to using up pasta, you can make a sauce that goes equally well over cauliflower or spagetti squash. He can have pasta, you can eat primal. My wife and I do this when she 'needs' pasta.

        If the rice is white rice, you can use it up a bit at a time in soups and things. Compared to the other grains, it's pretty non-toxic. No nutrients, of course, but at least it's not actively bad.

        Beans I eat in moderation, I just make sure to soak them for a couple of days at room temperature before slow cooking them in broth. Skim off the foam as it cooks. Beans are reasonably safe that way if it's just an occasional thing. If the beans are in cans, just donate them to the local food bank.



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          Well if DH will eat it then keep it. My family still eats some pastas, like once a month. I just make myself spaghetti squash or cauliflower rice those nights to go with the marinara. If there are things you both won't eat, I would give it to a local food pantry or friends and neighbors who could use it. Ironically when I first went primal the boy scouts were having a food drive so I bagged up all the pantry items and left them on the front porch for them to pick it up.
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            Teh husband went Paleo before I went primal so we had a large purge when I reached the point where I realized we were not going back. I gave all the flour and sugars to a friend who bakes often, I gave the pasta, crackers, sauces and dressings to a starving student friend-of-a-friend. I did have a little internal debate over how I felt about giving food to others when I wouldn't eat it myself because I felt it was unhealthy. However I decided these were people who had no interest in changing the way they eat, and were simply going to buy more of what I was contemplating tossing, so I'd rather not see it wasted when someone could and would use it.


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              All the pantry stuff is dirt cheap, really you could just throw it out if it's too much trouble to take it to a food bank.


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                Anything opened, or past the expiration date throw away.

                Then save half of the remainder and give the other half away.


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                  Gave away anything non-perishable and unopened... saved anything my husband would eat and cooked it when it made sense (for example I'd have stuffed peppers and he'd have stuffed shells to use up an opened box of huge shell pasta)... anything he wouldn't eat that wouldn't last I threw away.

                  I saved a few things thinking I'd eat them since they weren't TOO bad, like a can of chick peas, a box of rice noodles, pasta sauces with HFCS... but every time I looked at them I thought "ugh, I don't wanna eat that junk" so eventually those were donated as well.

                  I think I still have a bag of bulk quinoa in the cupboard that I haven't been able to throw out yet. =P It's been almost a year...
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                    We still have some pasta that was in the pantry when we went primal. It moved with us across country. I served some to the kids the other day when we had nothing else to eat, it didn't hurt them.

                    Does you husband take lunch to work? If so make him a dinner with the stuff, then pack it up for his lunch the next day. Let him eat it, you don't have to.

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                      I think I happened to have run out of pasta, so just didn't replace it. I only had a few tins of various beans, chickpeas, so I kept them as an "emergency" stash (then ended up throwing the meal on the compost heap as it tasted rank ).
                      Millet and quinoa I kept - occasional chicken/wild bird food, and quinoa's not so evil. and bloody expensive! I still have some white rice - basmati and sushi - and a small amount of brown rice.
                      I gave away cereals, oats, bread.
                      The head scratching moments for me came with bottles of things like fish sauce, soy sauce, sushi vinegar. I gave away what people would take, and threw the rest away - if it had things like glucose syrup in. I have kept the odd stolen sachet of ketchup / salad cream "just in case" - better than buying a whole bottle and having it sit around.
                      The soy I replaced with tamari. However, I did keep the sushi vinegar (vinegar + glucose) as it would/will be a very occasional thing and I want to make it properly.

                      By the way, things like millet and quinoa make fantastic wild bird food if you scatter/grow them in your garden