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    This isn't health related, well, physical health related at least.

    So, I graduated from college a coupla years ago, have some student debt, not a lot, but enough to make it feel like I'll never be done paying it off.

    BUT after going PB for almost a month now, I feel so much better about everything. I feel more in control, less just a helpless observer of my life.

    In any case, next month I am paying off the first of my student loans and I feel confident that I can be all finished with everything in a year and a half, and that is with giving me a huge buffer, so it could easily be even sooner than that.

    I haven't felt this good about myself in ages. I haven't felt like I could accomplish anything for the longest time. But now I am feeling good, I am starting to look good, I have more energy, I am less apt to fall into a "what's the point? Today is so messed up, I may as well just cap it off with a bag of potato chips and a mexicoke." I feel so marvelous.

    I'm just pleased as punch. My financial health is on the mend too. I had no idea this would be a result of going primal. It's neat.

    Anybody else have any cool other kinds of health rewards as a result of going primal?

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    Good job!

    I've only been at this a couple weeks, but already the jeans are looser. I'm hypothyroid so that really tickles me. My basal temperature in the morning is higher, too. hypo folks like me tend to run cold. I'm generally having less trouble with being cold all the time. Also, I tend to have swelling in my hands and face and that's really gone down. I am starting to feel a lot more energetic, less of a snooze button addict, though I'm still having a hard time getting enough sleep. I need to get to bed and be quiet earlier but I'm just not tired at the time I should be. I'm wondering if I should give up caffeine altogether. I've cut down. I think things like caffeine and alcohol are affecting me more strongly. Like many people, I've noticed my teeth feel oddly smooth and my skin is nicer. All in all, I'm pretty pleased!


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      wtg! My friends have noticed I'm a lot more relaxed about food now that I'm not chained to a 6-10 meal a day schedule. Still trying to get to bed by 10 so I can wake naturally around 7 or 8. I think that's my biggest struggle right now, and going Betty Grokker in the kitchen with paleo-fied baked goods, lol.
      --Trish (Bork)


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        My hair, which had been very slow growing these past couple years as a vegetarian, has been growing insanely fast! I may have long hair back by summer, hoorah! Ponytails!


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          My jeans are getting looser (again) too. Dammit, butt! I just bought these!


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            LOL @ dianethepurple

            btw - when i was dropping weight fast, i shopped at a thrift store for pants. saved $$

            Thanks for sharing Mrs Moesy -- how astute of you to notice the psychological changes as well as the physical. I'm impressed.
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              Seems like quite a few commenters here are female, I started a thread about female hormones My research seems to suggest lots of physiological reasons why we are all feeling more positive and even. Balanced hormones :-)
              Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...


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                Mrs. Moesy, I feel the same way. Positive energy is way up, stress is way down. In fact I was thinking to myself earlier today that I am feeling a sense of freedom that I didn't really feel before. I just figured this is a natural human feeling that takes place when our gene expression is working as it evolved to work.

                Also, I don't preach nutrition to anyone, but if somebody can not believe I won't eat grains, I tell them grains are "slave food" and explain why. They usually still think I'm strange.


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                  My favourite, totally unexpected side effect was the improvement in vision. I used to have to wear glasses for driving and another pair for reading small print but no more Unbelievably liberating and genuinely makes me feel younger lol


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                    Originally posted by DianeThePurple View Post
                    My jeans are getting looser (again) too. Dammit, butt! I just bought these!
                    me too!!!

                    i am also really really pleased to announce that i have come off my anti depressants since going primal. My situation has not changed but i feel calm enough to deal with any problems that are thrown up.

                    YAY PRIMAL


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                      That is great to read! I no longer suffer with bipolar since I switched to Primal 14 months ago. A lot of research is now suggesting that Dopamine and seratonin pathways are knocked out of line with high insulin activity. All makes perfect sense :-)
                      Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...