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Primal for the compulsive binge eater?

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  • Primal for the compulsive binge eater?

    Hi folks,
    I am JUST starting to read about primal eating (I just ordered the book). I am seriously considering changing up to this lifestyle. However, I have been in recovery for compulsive binge eating for almost 6 years. I am nervous how this type of eating will work for me. After 20 years of disordered eating, I do not have the best body signals telling me when I am hungry or satisfied.
    Currently, I follow a food plan given to me by my nutritionist. Here is my daily breakdown: I eat roughly 3 servings of starch (roughly 45g), 11oz protein, 1 fruit, 9 servings of veggies (1/2c cooked or 1c raw is a serving), and 2 servings of fat.
    I am 10mo postpartum and only 3 weeks out from my baby weaning. Eating like this, I am having a tough time shedding weight...but it is crucial at this point. I have peroneal tendinitis in both feet and I have been having horrible bouts of nocturnal asthma.
    I work a 12 step program...but it requires that I follow a food plan from a professional to be considered "abstinent". I have not binged in almost 6 years. I do not eat sugar in any form, nor do I eat white potatoes or fried foods.
    I am interested in learning more about this....just wondering if my inner food ticker is all screwed up, will I be able to do it?

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    Yes. It sounds like you are more severely affected than I was, but Primal eating and eventually intermittent fasting totally removed my binge eating habits, which I believed I would never be free of. Partially because I learned to know the difference between proper hunger and emotional hunger, and also because you simply cannot eat too much protein and fat (your body won't let you) whereas with carbs it is very, very easy. There are other reasons as well but those two came to mind first.
    The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist


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      Ahh Midami. *hugs*

      I've stuggled with Ed, to a varying degree of what you've mentioned. I am new to paleo (2 weeks) and recently had a little relapse but am back on track, I 'did' notice I was more in tune with my body and hunger signals. I think that you could benefit from a paleo lifestyle and alleviate the compulsive eating episodes you experience. Perhaps keeping a journal here would be beneficial? People on this forum, from what I have witnessed by my short time here are quite helpful and encouraging, you'd have your own support team .

      Best of luck!


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        You should definitely switch to Primal! Doing it is one of the best things that I've ever done, because like you, I was a compulsive eater. That's the primary reason I made the switch to Primal, and I have been thankful every day that I did so. It might take you a little while to get used to hunger signals, but if you commit to the program even for just one week, you'll see how amazingly freeing it is!