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  • Have coconut, will....what?

    I couldn't decide if this was more Recipes or Nutrition, so I put it in Odds & Ends

    I was doing the old grocery shopping the other day, and decided to take a jaunt down an actual aisle to see the canned coconut milk. I had read/seen SO MANY great things to do with it here on the forums the past few weeks. It was starting to sound like 'if you're primal, you do coconut!'

    So, I got it home, shook it up to no avail. Scooped it out (then poured) into a tupperware, and shook it like hell...It's still all clumpy, and now I'm at a loss. What do I DO with it? Do you seperate it and do different things with each bit?

    When I was hungry for a snack earlier, instead of having an apple or a spoon of almond butter, I had a spoon out of the coconut container. I'm wondering if I warm some of it up and then melt a dark chocolate square in it and a bit of vanilla if that might be good? If I do warm it up and make a weird warm coconut milk drink, what ratio of liquid/solid should I use?

    Signed One Who Is Oddly Happy Just Having Canned Coconut In The Fridge, But Would Really Like To Know What To Do With It.

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    I love coconut milk. I personally use it in the blender with frozen berries for a drink, or use it in soups or curries (currys? ) if you want to mix it into a pasty liquid just use a spoon (i use a chopstick ) Im sure there's a million other things you could use it for (coconut pancakes! that's why i bought some today ) I've seen other people use it in recipes (i saw one for icecream) you could even pour some in your tea, I've heard negative reviews with coffee but i don't drink coffee. Sorry for being all over the place. Im sure more people will chime in ideas since this is a staple it seems. I use coconut flour and oil too (i cook almost everything in coconut oil ) in fact i just finished drinking the water from a coconut but didn't use the meat for it was too tough. I should go back to English class my thoughts are all over the place, i never was good at writing
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      shake it up or put it in a blender if you would like (it will make it smoother), and then, you can add some berries (yummy) and a square of the dark.

      or, you can just blender it, pour it over some berries, and add some chocolate if you'd like. it's my favorite treat. sometimes i have it without chocolate.


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        You may have picked up cocnut cream, which is thick rather than cocnut milk, which is watery.
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          Zoe - is it like heavy cream over berries? Cause I love me some of that!

          Jon, thanks! I actually didn't mind it in coffee, but I didn't know if I should use the fat or the milk

          OK, so most people blend it up and THEN use it? I think that's my real brain freeze there, is do I seperate it or blend it? (in general..obviously there will be different uses occasionally, for each part)


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            You can blend it awfully easily just using a hand whisk. No need for heavy equipment.

            I mix it with egg, vanilla, and coconut oil or olive oil and use it wherever I would use cream--on frozen berries and in coffee, for example. Really good

            Also fabulous in the baked chocolate custard in the PB cookbook (eggs, coconut milk, cocoa, little bit of maple syrup, coconut).

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              yeah, it has that sort of yogurt/heavy cream thickness with the coconut flavor.


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                Gunn - Luckfully, I haven't taken the recycling out yet, so I was able to check the can It's the Thai Kitchen coconut milk, unsweetend, first pressing, yada yada.

                I probably shouldn't have any tonight, I'm already allegedley at 77% of my calories from fat for the day (protein 15%, carbs 8%), according to fitday.

                /Edit - ooooh, lots of cross-posting! Thanks for the ideas!


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                  I just crank off the lid and stir it with a spoon. Then I add it to stuff that is cooking or eat it with berries or whatever. Makes a nice RICH cocoa. Just don't drink the whole can at once without being aware of the solid amount of calories you are about to consume. Choose wisely!


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                    Warming it up slightly will also cause the fatty portion to melt and unclumpify. Much easier to handle


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                      btw, if you can get thai green curry paste, mix it with that. MIX IT WITH THAT. and stew up some meat and veg and it is *delicious!* (you have to sing delicious).


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                        Originally posted by zoebird View Post
                        btw, if you can get thai green curry paste, mix it with that. MIX IT WITH THAT. and stew up some meat and veg and it is *delicious!* (you have to sing delicious).