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Undetectable Cortisol Levels?

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  • Undetectable Cortisol Levels?

    Does anyone have any experience with this? My doc says she has never seen a <0.1 on a cortisol test before so she thinks the lab made a mistake. We are repeating the test to make sure, but does anyone here have experience with very low cortisol levels/adrenal failure?

    Can anything natural be done to get them working properly again?


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    Bumping just in case anyone who didn't view yesterday has some info/experience to share.



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      I'd have to dig to find my initial test. It wasn't as low as yours, but it was pretty darned flat-lined. I've been taking adrenal supplements (not as much as I could--I'm still breastfeeding my daughter). They've helped, definitely. I've been TRYING to get enough sleep. REALLY trying. I've just started taking 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in water first thing in the morning. Um...exercise but not strenuous exercise. It's been some while, but I AM finally feeling somewhat better. Still quite tired more than I should be, but I don't end the day feeling like I've been hit by a Mack truck nearly as often. I'm sure there are others with more experience/recommendations out there, but it in my experience, it does get better. It just takes time.


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        Thanks. What sorts of supplements are you taking for the adrenal failure? My doc told me I would have to go for an adrenal stimulus test and if I responded, I would need steroids which can blow me up, so I am really concerned.

        I will go tomorrow to redo the test and get the results next week.