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  • menopausal symptoms

    Since going Primal, has anyone noticed a decrease or any change in menopausal symptoms?

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    hi Cinda,

    that's funny, I just posted something about this in the "weird little bonuses" thread.

    The friend I'm sort of doing this with (meaning, we're being supportive of each other and started at roughly the same time) told me that her hot flashes totally went away. Like completely., and she was having some serious issues with that.
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      Hi Sally,

      That's great - I've started to hear some very similar stories of menopausal symptoms vanishing or improving greatly after going Primal.
      I've been taking bio-identical hormones for this for about 2 years and am considering "going off" them after doing lots of research. I've been eating paleo-primal for the last year, and have never felt or looked better. I was having night sweats, some hot flashes, and alot of mood swings before starting the bio-identicals, but was not eating Primal at that time. I've read alot concerning this, and have come to the conclusion that it seems alot of the menopausal symptoms we suffer are directly due to our nutrition, and was wondering if any primal women have noticed a difference.
      I'll go look for your thread in the "weird little bonuses"



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        I just posted a thread on Primal and Female Hormones - I was talking mostly about pre menopause but there are some very interesting hormone effects that eating Primal seems to prompt so it wouldn't suprise me at all that there is improvement. A lot of the literature tells you symptoms of PMS and menopause are pathlogical and not part of the process which implies to me if you get the nutrition right it should be plainer sailing. But then I'm beginning to think that getting the nutrition right would solve just about everything ... wonder if it would sort middle east problem out too LOL!
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          "Excess Prolactin – Some women with PMS have abnormally elevated amounts of prolactin. Prolactin, a hormone naturally produced when we breast-feed, also increases with stress (stress depletes dopamine and dopamine keeps prolactin in check) or with a prolactin-secreting tumor. High prolactin causes infertility, menstrual abnormalities and PMS symptoms including breast tenderness and swelling, anxiety and irritability."

          I came across this on my travels - endocrinology is just completely fascinating (but can consume entire days if you are not careful LOL!). My take here would be we are living a lifestyle which is deliberately reducing stress through eating and moving appropriately and reducing outside stresses where possible. I also think there is a great sense of well being (and that is anti-stress in itself) about living Primal. If all the factors lower stress it is reasonable to assume they increase dopamine and therefore control prolactin which appears to be associated with a number of PMS symptoms (and menopausal are similar especially via lowered progesterone which is associated with PMS).

          Another fascinating hypothesis I came across is one that states that we (as a species) moved to higher dopamine function as a result of higher meat eating - what does Primal promote - more meat eating so it would appear to fit quite nicely that we are actually eating in accordance with an evolved higher dopamine system. Might explain why I functioned very poorly as a vegetarian LOL! Also cutting edge science is now finding that dopamine (and seratonin) are affected by the insulin pathway and can be up and down regulated where the insulin pathway is overstressed (ie with high carb load eating and insulin resistance). Both dopamine and seratonin are highly associative with mood disorders and mood is most certainly associated with PMS and Menopause.

          All in all I'd say we are happier bunnies being Primal :-)
          Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...