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Ultra-thin on SAD...weight GAIN on PB? Anyone?

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  • Ultra-thin on SAD...weight GAIN on PB? Anyone?

    So...the reason I joined this site was for my husband. I already ate mostly primal. G, on the other hand has been diagnosed prediabetic...which was shocking because the man is thin as a rail.

    I've been telling him for years that if he ate how I eat he would probably gain healthy weight. Although now I'm scared that this won't actually happen.

    Has anyone with a VERY thin frame gained weight eating primally? What kind of meals/snacks would you eat? My husband is 6ft 125 pounds. Not all skin and bones, there is muscle tone. I think he's sexy. But he has struggled with being so thin all his life. He says other men don't respect him as much.

    If he won't gain weight can I at least make sure he doesn't lose any??
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    geez, he is a rail.

    he will gain weight. if he begins to use his muscle, he'll gain muscle, and gain weight. if he eats well, he'll help those muscles grow and gain weight. he'll feel better, and be at lower risk for skinny-man problems like collapsed lungs and such.


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      I'm a skinny man - 6' 6" and 155lbs. I need about 2800 calories a day to maintain on primal. For the last 6 months I've been going to the gym once per week max for 15 minutes and doing the bodybyscience high-intensity training workout. And what do you know? My muscles have grown, and quite nicely thank you And that's after decades of regular gym work that did nothing worth mentioning.

      So if your man eats enough (and you may need to track it in FitDay to make sure) and shocks his muscles once a week, I reckon he'll gain weight, and shape too.
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        it's true. my guy is also a naturally small/thin man, and he has a *super* high metabolism. easily eats for two.


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          I am 6'1" tall and when I finished college (20ish years ago), I was around 130 lbs. Over the next 20 years I gained 50 lbs, but it turns out that NONE of it was muscle. I would really love to be 180 lbs and appropriately muscled, but it looks like I will have to work to get there. Since dropping the carbs way down, I have lost 20 lbs, but am slowly gaining some muscle. I agree with racingsnake above - "shock his muscles once a week".



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            racingsnake...i think his calorie intake would have to be just as high. he eats like a horse when he can. he's a busy guy though, and doesn't always take proper care of least he's down for eating healthy; when he makes up his mind to do something he does it.

            he will lose his motivation if he loses significant weight and can't put it back on though...i'm almost positive.

            zoebird: that's what i tell him all the time. that he is thin because of genetics mostly, but also because his body just does not want to build healthy tissue with crap. i truly believe that.

            soil to sustenance: he is not overweight AT hopefully he'll bypass the losing weight part.
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              he absolutely needs to lift heavy things. hard gainer (which is a high intensity method) and primal should fit the bill. but he absolutely must lift weights.


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                happyprimate: understood on the not being overweight. Honestly I would not have minded bypassing the losing weight part as well. Just let me trade the fat weight for muscle weight


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                  Fat for the calories, protein to fuel the furnace, veggies because they're just so darn good once you're cooking them in good fats! His body already isn't storing fat, so the micronutrients in all of that will go to muscle -- as long as he's doing some HIIT and LHT.

                  Good luck and keep us posted!
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