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I have seen it all - Bakon Vodka

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  • I have seen it all - Bakon Vodka

    WOW! Looks like bacon is really making a comeback

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    When we first heard about this, our immediate and collective response was, "Bloody Mary!"
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      They have a recipe page for different cocktails. My Favorite: "The Pig Fart"

      1 oz Bakon vodka with a bourbon floater

      Dropped into a highball glass of Hard Apple Cider.


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        But...but...the fat is what makes the bacon tasty!

        I don't get it.
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          I have made bacon vodka, and it makes the best caesars. (Sort of like a canadian bloody mary, but better! )
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            i had this bloody mary w/ bacon garnish - it was really good n spicy. I think i got gipped tho b/c i don't remember it coming w/ cheese.



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              Bakon Vodka is the bomb!!! Not only does it make the BEST bloody mary, but I've also had it in a Chocolate Martini....sweet and salty! Of the 15 or so of us who tried it one night, half loved it, half hated it. But everyone loves the Bakon bloody mary! Especially with Bacon Salt around the rim ( A word of caution, don't drink it's icky that way. Cheers!