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Diets: The Big Fat Lies

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  • Diets: The Big Fat Lies

    So I was reading through the Independant today (UK Paper) and I stumble across this article and it made me angry at first but then I laughed a little, but now I'm angry again. I'll give you guys a quote.

    "Carbohydrates are the food group likely to keep you fuller for longer and are the most important source of energy in the diet.

    "Your body needs carbs"

    "Anyone who follows the low carb, high protein diet will soon begin to feel lethargic and irritable."

    "The best carbs are those with a high glycemic index, that raise you blood sugar levels steadily and keep them up."

    I mean can you believe this crap? The people they used to help write the article are meant to be diet specialists, it even talks about insulin and other hormones but not the real cause for elevated levels.


    "Do or do not, there is no try."

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    My opinion? Ignore the crap, there's a lot of it. Let them get fatter and sicker and still refuse to accept that they may be doing something wrong, it's their choice. Leave them to it and get back to your steak and eggs.
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      Actually here's a link, take a peek.
      "Do or do not, there is no try."


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        You will find this all over the media here in the UK at the moment. To preserve my sanity, and stress levels, I no longer watch any TV news, rarely read papers and don't have the radio on much either - it's done me the world of good! I did spend the first 6 months of my Primal life trying to educate and sent in loads of articles and references to all the major media outlets ... and ... silence!

        Unless you have a public platform and can argue the case where it will be heard there isn't much we as individuals can do. I've decided I will spend my time and energy enjoying all the benefits with Mr Grok and contributing on these kinds of forums and writing my blog!

        Heck, I can't even get my med-dependent mother and sister-in-law to consider a change even when they've seen my brother shed 6.5 stone!
        Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...


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          Come across an article in my local paper "The Manchester Evening News" reporting on Paleo Guru Loren Cordain and last weeks Sunday People had an article about fatty food being healthy by a Doctor Natasha Campbell Mcbride so it would appear the truth is out there and geeting a little bit of coverage in the U.K.