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How do you track your progress???

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  • How do you track your progress???

    I recently completed a round of P90X with dh last fall, and now that we're planning a second round starting in a couple of weeks, I'm looking for ideas to track my progress and hopefully provide motivation.

    I'm 5'6" and about 130 pounds, about a size 6-8 in pants, and I have lots of good squishy parts and a bit of muscle! My bathroom scale is really inaccurate and I have no other body measuring devices, besides a tape measure.

    My goal isn't to lose a bunch of weight, honestly I don't care if the weight goes down at all (except this teeny part of my brain that reminds me of the social idea that losing weight is good). But I REALLY want to gain muscle and lose fat and build endurance and sculpt my muscles.

    So my question......Have any of you found great results from using any sort of device to help track these sorts of things, whether it be a better scale, a manual fat caliper, an electric body fat reader, or just a tape measure? Or should I find a better way to motivate myself? The thing is, I love stats! I love seeing numbers change for the better and being able to track them over a period of time. I also love having a record of what I did so maybe in a year I can look at it and see where my stats were when I was working hard. Any ideas?

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    Can't help you with a mechanical tracking device--my eyes looking in the mirror are the best "trackers" I have...and the most accurate, IMO!
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      yeah, i look at myself in the mirror, use a tape measure, and also our BF calipers. but i don't worry all that often. if my clothes fit, i'm good. i'm about 20% bf right now, so i'm happy. 18 would be nice, but 20 is great.


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        When my pants start to fall down on a regular basis, I buy smaller pants.


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          I find that full body photos in underwear works really well to see changes in your body composition. Front, sides and back, preferably in same spot, distance and lightning. If you're really clever you use them to make a time lapse movie.
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            Originally posted by Sungrazer View Post
            ... If you're really clever you use them to make a time lapse movie.
            That's bordering on the kinky LOL!

            My daughter just lost 11 kg since the end of last year switching to Primal and I suggested she measured waist, bust line and thighs and took a few photos in underwear too! About 3 weeks in she sent an excited text 'I've lost 2 cm from my waist' so I guess she found that motivating!
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              The way my clothes fit and how I feel. I don't pay attention to a scale or anything else.
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                Thank you all so much! I love your ideas, I think I'll go without all the fancy dancy devices for tracking and just go with how I feel. I'm tempted to just get rid of my scale since it doesn't work well anyways, and just take some tape measurements and some pictures. Maybe someday I'll try one of those 5$ bodyfat calipers for fun.


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                  do get rid of the scale. it's not necessary. i have never owned one. when DH and i got married, my ILs wanted to give us one as a wedding gift because "you need a scale to make sure you are healthy!" pfft. no. no scale.


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                    I go by how my clothes feel. I don't take pictures(can't stand to look at myself in them) the last pictures taken of me was the one that my avatar comes from, Oct 2009. Plus for me its rather depressing to see how big I am now. I burned all the pictures of me from when I was even bigger. I honestly want to forget I let myself get that big. I get on the scale once a month.