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  • Guys, I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and I realized something: my new, smaller girls are just the right size for my new, smaller body And I am infinitely grateful for the health benefits I have seen with low-carb/primal. And hope my girls stay healthy - that's all that matters. When I started out on my weightloss journey 3 years ago, I wasn't making any plans. I was prepared to give it all the time it took (and I knew it would take a long time) and take what I could get. Now, 3 years later, I am amazed with the results I have achieved and I am very, very happy and very, very proud. Yes, I have changed a lot, I am hardly recognizable now. But I have always had and still have an hourglass figure and I love the way I look. Yes, if I could get slightly larger breasts, that would make me even happier. But hey, I'll take what I can get. They are certainly proportional to the rest of my body. I know I can't control everything and this is one of my mistakes - I have been trying to control too much instead of just accepting the way my body changes.

    Long story short, I don't think I should regret the way my breasts have changed. They look OK on my new body, so I'll just try to accept them the way they are now. It's easier than mourning their loss all the time.


    • Interesting....

      My friend who lost weight through crash dieting & CW told me her boobs now looked like "udders" (I cracked up)... so I hope this is true, that a more sensible diet high in fat can have a better effect.

      My "girls" sit rather high on my chest so I was hoping that even if after a lot of weight loss (I want to lose about 135lb total), mine wouldn't be too "udder"-like, although I expect they'll look rather deflated.

      This gives me new hope!

      When I was healthy, I was a C. I'm now a DD... If I could go back to a C and have them healthy looking, and as least "udder"-like as possible, I'll be even MORE stoked with the primal lifestyle!
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      • Originally posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
        Since I went Primal, I've added considerable weight to my benchpress. As a result, my breasts have gotten considerably larger since going Primal.
        pics or GTFO.

        Originally posted by Nibbler View Post
        Hmmm. I went from a 32DD to a 30E. Many companies say that bras are on a sliding scale e.g. increase band size and decrease cup size equally equates to the same fit but that is total crap. Anyway, I dearly wish (please god if you are listening!) that the next step in my primal journey, coming off the hormonal contraceptive pill, does NOT cause boob shrinkage. 30E sounds impressive but it isn't really, I have a little ribcage and a nice handful and I WANT IT TO STAY THAT WAY!
        i'm 30E as well. i was 30F, but i think they've gone down (or it's simply a matter of bra aging, and a new 30F will fit nicely). bra shopping isn't that great, because it seems most of the available bras are padded. i hate that stiff feeling, let them be at least a little free! anyway, i only shop online now. i've never seen those sizes in a store.
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        • I went smaller--and love them. My lats are getting a LOT stronger (bigger) so the band size has changed. I went from 34B to 36 A (in some brands, AA in others, if i could find them...). I love that at 58 i still can't "hold a pencil"! My husband loves them, and i do too.

          Not to knock my "more athletic look," though, a gorgeous set of NATURAL REAL "womanly" breasts are awesome, in both senses of the word!


          • This thread has gone long enough without pics...
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            • I really hope I don't increase my boobs. They're already gigantic at a 36GG. I am hoping to lose enough weight all over that I don't need a reduction. But I am willing to do one in spring or summer 2014. Believe me, bigger is NOT always better.

              Oh, and I buy mine at breakout Great place for weird sizes.
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              • You know how disappointing it is to go the entire thread and not see a single photo? How do I know that y'all aren't just obese, middle-aged men acting out a midlife crisis in your mother's basement, hands stained orange from Cheetos dust*? PROOF IS NEEDED.

                *If you really are, no judgment. I've been there.


                • Originally posted by hermanda View Post
                  Ok this might not be as interesting for some but has anyone else noticed an increase in their breast size since eating paleo? I've noticed in the last few cycles right before and during my period my breasts get huge. I mean I don't fit my B bra. Epic and ridiculous and not really a fan. Not really tender either...just full of personality
                  I've read that diets high in fat can do this. I eat about 50-60% fat 30% or so from protein and the rest from carbs. Any thoughts? Thanks!
                  What?? I want this... I stayed more or less the same since primal at 34D... ;(
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                  • Mine shrank

                    Then I got pregnant and they grew back.


                    • I think mine have gotten a bit smaller, tho it could be just the band size has changed, not the cups.

                      Probably about time to start trying on different sizes >.>
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                      • We need a lot of pictures. Hard to give any advice without visual aid.