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  • Carbo Loading?

    My trainer at the gym suggested carbo loading for a day to jumpstart my metabolism and weight loss. I've been in ketosis for 3 weeks now and keep my carbs really low, <20g.
    If I were to carbo load, I would do it on primal food, like sweet potatoes or fruits.
    Has anyone tried this and gotten good results? Should I just increase my carbs? I'm not really losing lots of weight on >20g of carbs so don't know if increasing carbs will make that better or worst. What are some of your experiences with carb levels?


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    Hey there. I've used this many times while trying to drop my fat %. It's also recommended by Mark S. if you're eating under 50g carbs/day for extended the book :^)
    I would do it about once a week. Have fun!


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      I've just started this last week. Saturday is my day. I too keep <20g normally but on Saturdays I have at it with sweet potatoes and fruit. As to whether it helps weight loss, it's too early to tell, but I can tell you that it helps with my energy levels to carb-spike once a week.
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        Okay I'm definitely going to give this a try tomorrow. Thanks!


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          I have done this, but only every 6-8 weeks while staying at about 20g carbs the rest of the time. I had read an article a long time ago that suggested this is best for a variety of reasons. I don't have any evidence that it helps, but it hasn't hurt me in any way, and I haven't had any 'stalls' during my weight loss.


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            Do you carbo load with all primal foods? What do you eat on load days?


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              Remember, you will only lose body fat if you are running a calorie deficit.

              So if you up your carbs and that gives you energy to be more active and use more calories than you are eating and/or allows you to lift more weight and build more muscle thereby raising your metabolism, great!

              Or you could stay low carb, give your metabolism more time to adjust to ketosis and perhaps have an easier time losing/maintaining in the long run.

              Here's an interesting article that has helped me understand more about fat-based metabolism.
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