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    Just wondering how often do you eat a cheat meal? If so what food or meal do you usually eat for the cheat meal???

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    Very rarely, it just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I honestly can't remember the last real "cheat" meal I've had. The closest I probably came was at home during Christmas break and even then, it was primarily the inclusion of dairy (cheese mainly). Heck, outside of a few bread crumbs as part of a dish my mom makes, I can't remember the last time I've had grains.
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      i don't think of it in those terms. i don't go "right, today, i'm going to have a meal with a lot of grains!" or whatever.

      instead, if i happen to be out, and i choose to eat something grainy, or if i choose to while i'm in (which would be weird, since we don't have grains in the house), then i eat it. today, we went to a coffee shop we love where DS can play and it's pretty restful. i asked for eggs bene with spinach on the bottom instead of a muffin. notoriously kiwi, the menu never changes and they don't do subs well. i got it on "gluten free english muffin." and said "i ordered spinach instead of a muffin" and they said "oh, i just thought you wanted something gluten free." and i said "no, i don't eat any grains." and i got: "oh, sorry about that." thanks, NZ waiter! of course, i could have eaten the eggs and ham and hollendaise and let it go, but i was really hungry, so i ate the muffin too. felt yucky for about an hour afterwards, had peppermint tea, and now i'm fine.

      still, it wouldn't have been my first choice if i was consciously going to cheat. it is definitely in that 20%.

      i suppose the "cheat" I chose was to have fresh pineapple juice.


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        Nope, no intentional cheat meals for me either. I'll occasionally have things that are "less Primal" but I don't go out seeking to eat grains.

        Tomorrow would be the best example of me "cheating." I'm giving blood in the morning followed by a free breakfast at a little local diner. Having corned beef hash, eggs and bacon.

        Later we're taking my sister to a Japanese restaurant for the Hibachi. I'll order no rice, extra vegetables for the side, but will likely have 2 or 3 pieces of sushi, and perhaps a slice of cheesecake for dessert.

        That's about as fancy as my cheats get. Next one might happen in 2 or 3 months.


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          Originally posted by zoebird View Post
          i don't think of it in those terms. i don't go "right, today, i'm going to have a meal with a lot of grains!" or whatever.
          That's the way to do it.

          If you plan a cheat meal, you'll go overboard and hamstring your progress. If you take these things as they come and indulge once in a while, you will see how just a little bit is enough to satisfy you and/or make you sick, which hopefully will make you less inclined to indulge the next time around.
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            The last time was maybe 2 months ago when the fam went out for NY-style pizza. i generally don't have a cheat meal.
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              Every couple of weeks or so, co-workers and I hit up the most fabulous, in the middle of nowhere place to eat lunch. Thursday, I had meatloaf with scalloped potatos and baby carrots. It was delicious. I don't consider it even much of a cheat, tho the slice of raspberry pie most certainly was!

              No regrets, its not just about what I'm eating, its also about being social. I do the best I can without being a total freak, and enjoy the meal and the company.
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                I cheated (if eating grains is cheating) over the holidays a couple times - and had some breaded schnitzel and a couple pieces of of sour dough bread last weekend at a restaurant I've been wanting to try for a few years. Likely won't have any more grains until at least the spring if I can help it. I find it pretty easy to avoid them.


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                  I don't see a need to cheat when Primal/Paleo food is SO GOOD!
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                    I don't "plan" a cheat, I save it for when I'm out and there's no way out, or for a celebration meal. Like today is dd's birthday, so we're having cake and sushi. It's not "cheating" when it's part of the diet- in the 20%. I'm actually very happy to eat primally most of the time. I thought I'd miss grain/sugar, but I don't.

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                      Sushi nights (once a month or so) fall into my 20%. I could go and eat sashimi, I know, but I'm a fan of all the non-primal stuff - edamame, seaweed salad, and lots of yummy rolls. We did that Thursday night and I felt no worse for wear and I enjoyed it. I did notice that I felt fuller faster than when I wasn't eating primally.
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