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21st Birthday!

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  • 21st Birthday!

    Hey Everybody!

    It's my 21st birthday in just a few days and I want to celebrate it properly (as in, drink!).

    Any recommendations? I saw the post about alcohol but I'm wondering if anyone has more personal experiences on any drinks in particular. I'm probably going to be at a club so a glass of wine or a nice scotch on the rocks may not work all that well.

    Let me know! I'm excited to hear your ideas!

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    Scotch is appropriate in every situation. EVERY SITUATION.

    Just kidding. I drink Scotch in clubs, but I'm also kind of old and cranky. Tequila shots, perhaps?
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      I say, you only turn 21 once--one night of drunken debauchery isn't gonna kill your primal self Happy Birthday!
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        Originally posted by Mandolin View Post
        I say, you only turn 21 once--one night of drunken debauchery isn't gonna kill your primal self Happy Birthday!
        Heartily seconded as long as you designate a driver who stays sober or call a cab. Drinking and driving could kill your primal self and others.
        I know, I probably sound like your Mom but, I'm old enough to be your Mom so I get to do that Happy Birthday Kiddo!


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          agreed. don't make stupid mistakes, and have a good time.
          scotch and bourbon are pretty decent drinks...but not really for your 21st. i agree with tequila shots, kamakazies, white russians, grateful deads, car bombs...
          and if you've never ordered at a bar before, tell the bartender it's your 21st and ask for a waterfall.


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            Originally posted by primalrob View Post
            white russians
            So delicious, they're even The Dude's favorite
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            Mandolin's Primammalian Cave Wall

            Vegetarian=an old Indian word meaning "lousy hunter"

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              I agree with the others. Have a wild good time and have a sober driver!

              Let's see... some of my favorites... 2 shots. A chocolate covered cherry, which explains itself, and a "Buttery Nipple" which tastes like butterscotch.

              Chambord is yummy. I like Captain Morgan Tattoo. Try a "Grasshopper" if you like mint. Of course there's the mojito. Dr Pepper and Jack Daniels if that's your style. Slow Gin Fizz is one that never gets old. Same with whiskey sour.

              Wow... I miss drinking...

              Sort of.

              Have a fantastic birthday!


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                My first legal drink was a bahama mama.It's girly, I know, but hey, I'd never had one before! Before that, I drank wine and screwdrivers. Ahem. I drink wine now, on occasion. (Riding high on 2.5 glasses of apple wine, atm. )

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                  My typical primal order is either a mojito without the sweetener, or two shots of tequila with a shot of soda water and lime juice (Norcal Margarita).

                  I also had a "flirtini" tonight with a friend and it was pretty good, and pretty clean. Vodka, peach schnapps (true schnapps don't have sugar), pineapple juice, and sweet and sour (I'm thinking the sweet and sour might have sugar in it).

                  For non-primal drinks, an irish car bomb is amazing (and I don't even like dark beers). White Russian is also my favorite cocktail because it's so creamy and sweet. Pomegranate martini's are good too.

                  Just figure out what you like, and ask people for suggestions. For instance, do you like sweet drinks or more savory/bitter? Do you like to taste the liquor, or do you want a subtle punch? Once you figure those out, people can give you lots of suggestions!


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                    if it's what you want to do for your birthday, don't worry about restricting yourself. this definitely falls into the 20%. it's just one day, right?


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                      I recommend a lovely shot called a car bomb. You take a shot glass a put in half bailey's irish cream and half jameson irish whiskey, you then drop the whole shot glass into a short little glass of guiness. Then drink the whole thing as one shot. Absolutely delicious!

                      Beer is always good.

                      I also LOVE hendricks gin and tonic with a splash of Saint Germain elderflower liqueur in it....fantastic!

                      Or a french pear martini - half hendricks gin, half st germain, with a splash of dry champagne. Yummy!

                      For dessert dry a double espresso blind russian. Van Gogh double espresso vodka, kahlua, bailey's irish cream, and a splash of cream.

                      My favorite martini of all time....extra dirty Chopin martini straight up with three olives.

                      I also second the designated driver idea. Also, I don't know how rambunctious your friends are but you should have two rules when drinking....never let buy shots for you without them joining slows down the pace and never have two drinks in a row without a glass of water between them.

                      Have fun!

                      ETA: Oops....just saw you already got some of these suggestions...I guess I second them!
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                        Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
                        Chambord is yummy.
                        there is a great recipe out there for a drink called a peanut butter and jelly...i believe it's chambord, hazlenut liquor and amaretto, but i can't really remember. i used to make it all the time as a bartender...such a good birthday drink


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                          In addition to a few shots you're going to want a drink to just hold. I recommend a Gin and Seltzer (club soda) with lime (not gin and tonic). It's refreshing and good for maintaining a buzz, plus the seltzer will help you stay hydrated.

                          Avoid too many white russians because they're delicious but sweet and very filling. Not good for a whole night of drinking.

                          If anyone offers you a Cement Mixer, run the other direction.
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                            Originally posted by carlh View Post
                            If anyone offers you a Cement Mixer, run the other direction.
                            And if you have friends like mine they will offer you one and when you refuse will sneak one on you. Ask what a drink is before putting it in your mouth.


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                              Ah, 21st birthday. Fond memories of a younger man.

                              Go out, party hard, find some gorgeous stranger and have them admire the headway you've made living primally (if you take my meaning).

                              No regrets! No prisoners!