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Red marks left after Accutane - advice? (Pictures included)

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  • Red marks left after Accutane - advice? (Pictures included)

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    Heyo, occasional here! Can't see the pics yet, but for red marks, emu oil is the shit. Specifically the Skin Biology brand. It's expensive, but it lasts forever! Also, wearing a good zinc or titanium oxide sunscreen will help them heal faster. Diet can only help so much, so as long as you're getting plenty of Vitamin C, Zinc, magnesium, calcium and good fats, you should be good to go. Also, minimizing stress helps.

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      I also went through accutane (nasty stuff, I'd never do it again) and my red marks went away pretty quickly, even when I wasn't eating PB. From what I've read on the rest of the board, healing skin is usually as simple as eating primally (which cuts out the bad stuff) and ensuring vitamin D3 supps and plenty of good fats.

      Best of luck!


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        Oh, you mean those things that my ex-dermatologist swore up and down could not be side effects from Accutane?

        Yeah. Mine took YEARS to go away, but they were probably exacerbated by the fact that I was eating wheat, low-fat, etc. all that time and shouldn't have been.
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          I've done two 6-month Accutane courses in my life and even though it worked temporarily, the acne soon returned.

          I'd say your red spots and holes are from the previous acne, not the accutane, and your skin hasn't quite healed yet. It will take your skin some time to heal, I'm not really sure if there is anything specific you can do to speed things up.


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            I just saw on tv people sued accutane for up to $25mil after health problems caused by the treatment
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              I'm not at all surprised, Accutane is a pretty rough drug and in my opinion should only be used for severe acne that doesn't respond to other treatment.

              I do know some people though that have had a very good experience with it, and got rid of their acne permanently.


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                Get your D checked and up where it needs to be. Coconut oil in the diet is good. See Cillakat's vitamin D thread. If you search "acne" in the forums, you'll get lots of hits. This discussion arises fairly frequently. The primary ingredient in Acutane is retinol, a form of vitamin A. Retinol binds your vitamin D receptors, causing D to be wasted. Get rid of retinol as either supplement or skin treatment, get your D up, eat good fats including coconut oil, and get the stuff you need to metabolize your D propertly, such as K2, boron, etc. Small amounts of A in the form of beta-carotene are good enough.


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                  Diet will help a lot. Exfoliation will help too. Basically by using a gentle abrasion to scuff off the dry and dead skin cells you encourage new cells to grow. You can either go for the store bought kind like St. Ive's Apricot scrub (Walmart $4 feels nice on the face but can't pronounce and of the ingredients) or make something at home with all natural ingredients.
                  Ironically grains and sugar are great for the surface of your skin, but can make you break out when you are eating them.
                  If you have a coffee grinder put a small handful of dry rolled oats and a heaping table spoon of sugar and grind to a power. Mix two tablespoons of the powder with a table spoon of yogurt and rub on your face in gentle circular motion. You can either leave it for a while as a mask or rinse it right away. Oatmeal has a calming and softening effect and sooth irritation. The sugar is simply there as an abrasive and is not as irritating as a salt scrub which is courser and good for legs and body in a salt and oil scrub. If you are still prone to break outs or have oily skin skip the sugar and use half a table spoon of baking soda instead. If you have essential oils, one or two drops of lavender, rosewood or palmarosa are all good choices as they encourage cellular regeneration and a balance to the skin's natural sebum production and are often used to reduce scaring and redness.
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                    Don't know if it will help for this particular issue but this is a pretty primal scar minimizer that I used on keloid scars as a child.

                    Put fresh lemon juice into an oyster shell. A chemical reaction will create a white foam. Spread this foam on the scars. It will bleach them out.


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                      Thank you all for the replies!

                      I know that Accutane has been scrutinised in the media, and for good reason; it's a powerful drug. But my acne continuously worsened every day, and I had to take the plunge. I'm glad I did, considering my situation.

                      I was part of an interview along with my friends in this video here (very first person):


                      You can REALLY see how noticeable the marks are on the side of my face. There are potholes, and the marks themselves are too red. Obviously, they're not stopping me from appearing on a video filmed in glorious HD, but it's obvious that I want to be rid of the things (hence the thread).

                      I take 5000iu of Vitamin D and eat coconut oil every single day without fail. My skin itself is nowhere near as oily as it used to be (Accutane may have a partial role in this, but to be fair my skin was actually at it's worst when it was particularly dry). No dairy, no grains; no other common culprits that I'm aware of.

                      It'd be a huge step up if I can actually just blend the marks in to match my skin colour. Obviously inflammation has a huge part to play in all of this, but I'll try out some of your suggestions!

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                          i tried accutane as well you should really REALLY get your diet dialed in 100 percent because unfortunately those megadoses of retinol seriously mess up the digestive system sometimes so just be safe...other then that supplement wise what pixy said was perfect except vitamin E is also something good especially topically if youre looking for healing good luck!


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                            Dandelion tea will do the trick. Three or four cups a day. No joke.
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                              i had a lot of scars fade when i got some summer sun and let time do the trick. if you're in britain it might be worth regularly visiting a dreaded tanning booth... if you make sure first that it's the right spectrum. also i stopped scrubbing more than once a week or so to avoid irritating everything and causing an overreaction. (i'm all for the "expose new skin cells" and all that, but i think you should allow some recovery time... not unlike days of rest after sprints!)

                              also... i'm with you on standing up for the accutane - i tried all sorts of diet changes and they didn't work to get rid of it (although they do work now post-accutane to maintain happy skin). a necessary evil for some of us, i think - kind of a nuclear option but sometimes that's called for after everything else fails. not everyone's born with perfect primal blueprint DNA and maybe we needed a boost