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  • Thyroid tests : Your opinion

    Hey there...
    I just got my test results back and and waiting for my cholesterol tests. I thought i would find out what some of you might recomend or if you have any insights that i can discuss with my doc when i go see her next week.


    (the first number listed in from June 10 and the second is Jan 11)

    Vit d .........30 : 42

    Free T3 ..........2.8 : 3.9

    T3 serum ..........185 (high)

    Free T4 ..........1.18 : 6.4

    Free Thyroxine ............0.79 (low)

    TSH ...........4.58 : 2.94

    TPO ..........769 : 121

    Ferritin ..........34 : 63

    Antithyroglobulin ..............<20

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    Lab ranges for each test are needed to help determine where you are. Are you on thyroid meds?


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      I am on Westhryoid right now and vit D but that's it.

      Are these the lab ranges you were refering to?

      vit d......32-100
      Free t3......2.3-4.2
      free t4.......4.2-13.0
      TSH .......0.45-4.50
      Antithyroglobulin 0-40


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        How are you feeling? Many people feel best with TSH at 1 or under and with frees being at midrange or above.

        Your Free T3 is at 84% of its range and your free T4 is at 25% of its range. Again, many people like to see their frees at about the same place in their respective ranges. By that I mean if your FT3 is at 60% your FT4 should be around 60%.

        There is a good gap between your T3 (84%) and your T4 (25%). This might suggest that your med--Westhroid- contains a higher ratio of T3 than your body needs and not enough T4.


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          I do feel better than i have in a long time.
          But I would like to feel great... if that means tweeking the meds a bit then i might ask doc about the T4.

          I have to admit i'm just happy that most of the numbers are going in a good direction.

          i wish i knew what my numbers were before i started taking meds. The doc i was going to at the time didn't really do any tests just gave me the meds and did tests later. I wish i would have been more informed back then...


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            Is it a bad thing to have higher Free T4 levels than T3?
            It makes sense that you would want them to be similar percentage wise but how would one go about getting there?


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              Thread hijack! Sorry!

              I have congenital hypothyroid - have had symptoms all my life even when the doctor's tests number were good. Would all the lab work the OP had be appropriate for me?

              girl scout, it's great to hear you're feeling tons better - but I totally understand that you want to feel GREAT. In the exact same boat here!

              Do yourself a favor and become your own savior.
              Congenital Hypothyroid
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                Your T3 is higher than your T4. How long have you been on this dosage? It takes about 6-8 weeks for a med adjustment to even out.

                I ask because if this is a recent adjustment then the levels make increase over time.

                Is it bad to have one T higher than another? Not necessarily. My concern is, you mentioned you were medicated without initial blood tests. Without those tests you can only assume you are on the right medication for you. Blood tests would have given you some idea of how well you convert T4 to T3.

                Westthroid is a thyroid med like Armour and contains both T4 and T3. Porcine thyroid hormone has about a 5:1 (T4:T3) ratio. While the human thyroid T4:T3 ratio is approximately 10:1.

                How you get things in line in respect to ranges is to tweek. You can add more T4 to your Westhroid to bring up your T4. You may need to lower the Westhroid when doing this as your T3 is already at 84 % and some of the added T4, will most likely, convert to T3.


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                  Is your congenital hypothyroid due to a defined issue with the thyroid itself or is it based on pituitary issues?
                  Do you have copies of the test results the doctor ran?


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                    My thyroid gland work's at less than an optimal level (mom took radioactive iodine for hyperthyroid right before I was conceived, we think some left over stuff in her body might have affected me as I developed)- never heard any mention of pituitary gland stuff growing up. That's all I really know, never thought to ask much as a kid or even as an adult (23 right now).

                    Don't have any copies of any tests. Though I will be going in soon for a blood panel and I've been scavenging the forum looking for appropriate tests.

                    Do yourself a favor and become your own savior.
                    Congenital Hypothyroid
                    CW: 225lbs SW: 245lbs


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                      Jandge, fine by me. Any info that can help me or you would be great... I guess we just keep tweeking (figuratively speaking...) until we feel great!

                      Marcadav, I've been on westhroid for about 6 months. The first thing my new doc did was a thyroid panel, so we are going off of her numbers.
                      I started seeing her in June 10'. The numbers from June are from when i was on synthroid.

                      I do have Hashimoto's which is why my TPO is so high, but I think a 648 point drop in 3 months is a win. ( all thanks to PB)
                      I know I need to take more vit D,


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                        Jandge... there's a hypothyroid group on this forum. It's in the GROUPS section. Mostly just some good posts to articles and stuff, so that might help.

                        Also if you search the forum using "thyroid" a lot of previous threads will appear that should have good info on testing and such. Or you can google "Mary Shomon" and and thyroid tests.
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