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    Any suggestions for an first time mom, old time primal eater? Do I really need to change anything or just keep eating when I'm hungry? Are any of the exercises in the Primal Blueprint Fitness dangerous for pregnant women? I haven't been exercising so I can't start it for another month and a half until the end of my first trimester, but I want as much info as possible as soon as possible so I can start working out a good routine.

    I've already worked in more slow movement and relaxation exercises, but is there anythign else that I should do that's safe for the first couple months?

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    Walks, light elliptical, swimming, easy yoga all come to mind. They are pretty low impact, and I would think go along with the "move frequently at a slow pace"
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      I am currently pregnant and I can tell you that you don't have to change the way you are eating, just keep your carbs up a little more, like around the 100-150 mark. My ob/gyn suggested ketone stix to make sure I am not releasing too much of them. As far as excercise you do what is comfortable up until the 5th month. 5th month you can no longer do excercises on your back, that cuts off oxygen to the baby. I am currently doing Walk Away the Pounds which would basically be your move frequently at a slow pace. I do about a 4 mile inside walk a day and I do some lifting. I have brought the amount of weights down and just doing more reps. You could also do body weight lifting like squats, leg lifts etc. Avoid anything that would require a lot of twisting and turning. I would avoid the sprinting from the BP fitness, it isn't necessary at this time, you can reintroduce that later on Post Partum.

      Most of all enjoy the pregnancy, as long as you are feeling good get excercise in. If you don't feel good, don't do it. Your immune system is compromised being preggo, so it is important to rest when your body is telling you to rest, otherwise you will get sick more often.
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        I was Primal/Paleo throughout pregnancy but ate a LOT. We're talking 6,000-8,000 calories a day. Seriously.

        I only gained 6 pounds. I worked out just like usual. Was running well into my 9th month, went horseback riding daily - even after my due date.

        Really, I just followed what my body told me. Some days I did not want to do anything. So I didn't. Other days all I wanted to do was run around, so I did. DD arrived happy and healthy with an uncomplicated, natural birth.

        As long as you're feeling okay, then (in my opinion) that's all that matters.


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          Originally posted by momofredheads View Post
          5th month you can no longer do excercises on your back, that cuts off oxygen to the baby.

          Actually, unless you're in pain your baby is fine. This is a myth.

          According to Dr. Sears: "Sleep right. Your body will normally let you know what is the most comfortable sleeping position. Standard pregnancy advice is that after the fourth month back sleeping should be avoided, since lying on your back puts the whole weight of your uterus on the major blood vessels that lay to the right of your spine. Since some women find themselves unable to sleep on their left side, the advice to avoid both back and right side lying is distressing for them. There is a theoretical advantage to sleeping on your left side, as it enhances circulation to the placenta. For women with placental problems the advice to sleep on their left side only is of utmost importance. However, most women move around during the course of the night and probably whatever position is comfortable for you is all right. Realistically, by the time you should not be sleeping on your stomach, you will find it is very uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach; and by the time you should not be sleeping on your back, you will find it is very uncomfortable to sleep on your back."

          I slept on my back throughout pregnancy. Never was in pain, baby had oxygen just fine. I did crunches throughout pregnancy and other "back exercise". Just pay attention to what you're body is telling you.