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Nowali Swedish Moccasins?

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  • Nowali Swedish Moccasins?

    Has anybody worn Swedish Moccasins as an adult?

    My daughter has a pair of Hanna Anderson Swedish Moccasins and I love them (she doesn't wear shoes) because they stay on and keep her toes warm.

    I like that they're machine washable (I'm lazy, haha) and go on like socks.

    I want a pair for myself, and the price is pretty good.

    So - have any of you worn them? FWIW, I'd be wearing them outside on cement or in our yard and around the house. I wear Chuck Taylors out and about and Five Fingers to exercise. But don't have anything for around the house. In the summer I just go barefoot. But it's a bit chilly out. I'm in NC so we USUALLY don't have snow - this year was an exception. :P

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    I should add - that's leather on the bottom. Nothing else. In the photo it looks like a platform of some sort but the leather just comes up along the sides a bit.


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      those are nice. they make them here with the beautiful local wool and leather. i love them.