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What about Mark's Daily Apple going multi-language ?

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  • What about Mark's Daily Apple going multi-language ?

    Last edited by Ian Nueva Córdoba; 04-05-2012, 12:40 PM.

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    Well let's see. If the trade deficit is to ever balance (and it must), then Mark would be wise to translate his books into Chinese.


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      Maybe you could contact Mark and create a job for yourself being the Spanish language translator for PB.


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        I think it makes more sense for each person so inspired to create a Primal blog in their own language.
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          I speak English... so I guess it doesn't matter to me.


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            Google translate works pretty well-give it try and see!


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              There is a primal/paleo blog called Vida Paleo. I don't read Spanish well enough to judge it, and not the same as translating MDA. But worth a look.
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                I would love it if at least the main book was available in German. This is of course a generalization but I think people who read blogs *tend* to be able to understand English well enough. At least better than people who still rely solely on books.

                On the other hand, people like e.g. my mother who does not read blogs doesn't speak English well enough to be able to read the book. Which is a shame since I'd really love to share all this with her but want to make it possible for her to read everything at her own pace and make up her mind about it instead of just telling her about it (I don't want to annoy and indoctrinate her).

                Well... maybe one day...


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                  I have seen people say they wished even the English was more international, and I can understand that. I'd like to just say for myself, that if people want to use Oz-isms or Brit-isms, go for it! I feel the same about posting in other languages or starting a German thread, say. Go for it!


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                    Originally posted by Hedonist View Post
                    There is a primal/paleo blog called Vida Paleo. I don't read Spanish well enough to judge it, and not the same as translating MDA. But worth a look.
                    Oh, it's a good one. A very *very* good one. It's intentionally written for paleo beginners with no formal science background and/or those with no real interest in science.

           is another excellent Spanish language paleo blog but it's written more at the level of cooling inflammation or panu. It can get very biochem at times.

                    Fwiw they both are on twitter and facebook as well.

                    Somatotropina/nutricion evolutiva also has an english language blog called ketotic that is excellent.

                    Katherine in atl

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