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  • *headdesk* du jour

    On Facebook, 2 statuses in a row, from my aunt and then my uncle. I quote:

    "DGS, 2.75 yrs, insisted on scrambled eggs for lunch. "Gramma, I LOVE eggs!" He had two and asked for more, but I gave him toast with jam instead."

    "Great morning skiing, but the best news was grandson *** actually started linking turns & agreed to another lesson! Apparently M&Ms at the end of each short run was the motivator! (I can't argue with that!)"

    ...and a bonus comment: "I think he was promised gummy worms or bears for the pm session. What a smart motivator his coach is!"

    *headdesk* *headdesk* Dammit, just broke my desk!
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    yeah, i hear you.

    my kid eats about 4-6 eggs a day, because he has second breakfast, but i'm going to take a page from Imogen's book and switch up his second breakfast a bit (to meat, kumara, etc).

    but the interesting argument against so many eggs for him that i got was a variation on steiner (which i can't fault, since i'm in that community), wherein steiner asserts that a food is the totality of the being. so, a seed is the energy of the whole tree. the egg, therefore, is the total creative aspect of the being (fish or chicken or duck or whatever). and, this is not something that you'll want to engage in a child until they are about 11 or 12, when they are beginning to move into that particular phase itself, because otherwise, you're introducing the sexuality too early.

    we were really just concerned about food diversity, and being grain free (she recommended quinoa or millet as his second breakfast), we are going to move to kumara hash, which he loves: shredded kumara, apple or carrot, butter, and mince (sausage seasoned mince) all fried up in some bacon fat. and, i might add some cheddar cheese. so, his first breakfast would be steamed veggies and eggs, and that would be second breakfast.

    i think more kids need real food.