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Removing Notifications?

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  • Removing Notifications?

    I thought there used to be a tech support type of thread, so if I'm being blind please redirect me!

    Is there any way to dismiss a notification (invitation to a group that doesn't apply to me)? Or will I be told I have a new notification when I sign in here for the rest of my primal life?


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    On the main inbox, click the box that is next to the notification, and then scroll to the bottom and click the 'message' thing at the bottom, it will drop down a menu that will allow you to delete the message. Or read the message and it won't notify you it is there, even though it sits there forever.

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      Hmm, couldn't figure out why I wasn't seeing any boxes or dropdowns, but figured out you're talking about private messages.

      What I have is a Notification, and it's not in the inbox. It appears in the little strip at the top of the MDA page telling me I have a Notification.