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If you're wondering about chickens...

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  • If you're wondering about chickens...

    A couple of months after I "went primal" my husband and I decided to raise backyard chickens. I just made a blog post about our experiences so far with them if you're interested!

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    Thanks for the info. I will be checking in on you blog now.


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      Awesome! My husband and I are interested in getting some chicks this spring. I, too, was wondering about what we would do in the colder months~especially b/c we always get so much snow. Thanks for the information, and hang in there these last few months of winter!
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        Thank you for the informative post - I was thinking about getting chickens and it's good to know that it's not all a bed of roses )!

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          Just read it. Very cool!

          Do your chickens have different personalities? Are you planning to eat them some day?


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            Fab thread - wouldn't it be more primal to go with the natural winter cycles of the birds rather than try to "force" more eggs out of them? My parents live in the North of England and go through this each year; the eggs they do get from the other 8 months more than make up for the "dry spell" which is nature's way of giving them a rest.

            As for the water can you get a larger, flat, snake rock for the water bowl to sit on? It only has to heat it enough to stay above freezing ........
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              Thanks! Am thinking of getting chickens too.

              My neighbor with chickens got them laying again with just the addition of a light...they're back up to full production again now. Though as MistressKiki mentions, I do feel a twinge of sympathy that they're not getting a rest. I can't fathom being permanently pregnant!

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