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Any Sleeping Troubles?

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  • Any Sleeping Troubles?

    I'm not experiencing this but am curious to know, for those who have been eating the primal way for a long time (or even a short time) and are experiencing the "Boundless Energy" do you have trouble getting to sleep at night if you have not been able to expend enough of your energy?

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    Since going Primal, the wife & I both noticed we need less sleep every night. We are now getting up an hour or so earlier every day.



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      i get about the same about of sleep as i did before going least in hours. i think the sleep is more sound and rejuvenating, however. i also have ridiculous amounts of energy during the day, which i use to my advantage, which probably helps me sleep better, which gives me more energy...and you get it.


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        I don't have any problems at night, but I'm an A-1 champion sleeper. I have a desk job, and sometimes during the day I do have to get outside and walk a couple blocks or run up and down my building's stairs to burn off the extra energy.
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          I sleep the same, but I get up at a ridiculous hour to go to work, so I'm always trying to squeeze another hour out of the day. I've always had a lot of energy, but with primal I don't experience the slumps I used to get midmorning and midafternoon. Things are much more even now. I definitely sleep better and more soundly, but I could also attribute that in part to my increased physical activity. I too work a desk job, but I take a brisk walk at noon, and in the afternoon I and a group of co-workers take a 'smoke break' where we walk a fast mile - wakes me up better than caffine or sugar used to.


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            I've been doing this about 6 weeks and I've just recently developed problems sleeping. That is very unusual for me as I generally sleep like a rock. But I've been feeling energetic at night and have trouble calming down. I'm hoping it goes away but it happened several times last week and twice this week. It seemed to start when I increased my dietary fat.

            I was reading an Anthony Colpo anti-Robb Wolf rant this morning about how low carb diets cause an increase in cortisol. I know low carb advocates say this will go away when the body adjusts and I hope that true. On the bright side, I have much less trouble getting up in the morning and my energy levels seem highest in the morning.