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    Like many of you, I am going the No-'Poo route. Even chopped off all my curls, so as to make the transition period more bearable. That doesn't mean I can't smell really good. Through the use of all-natural Essential Oils, we can have lovely aromas around our houses and persons.

    Here is my current collection:


    You can put drops into a bath, onto a washcloth, on a dryer sheet, on cottonballs (place into your clothes drawer), in a vinegar rinse, into homemade skincare products, and more. I like to wear pine/tangerine/clove on my neck and wrists. I like clove/pine/ylang ylang on my husband, and lavender/clove on my Airedale. The dog seems to really like lavender, he gets all animated when he sees the bottle. I'd like to add Juniper and Sandalwood next, when I replenish my stock.

    Different scents really do affect your mood. Lavender/chamomile is soothing, helps me to sleep and wind down. Clove/ylang ylang is very sexy and sensual. Tangerine/peppermint is bright and uplifting. Jasmine and Rose are sweet and gentling. There are so many combinations of scents!

    So what are your favorite scents and combinations? You can find essential oils at just about any health food store, but look for the kind that is all-natural, not chemical.

    Hope this is an appropriate topic for the MDA crowd Just felt like sharing. Peace!

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    I recently made my own deodorant, and decided to put essential oil in it. Right now I only have one bottle, mint (husband's choice) which I use to make my shampooless hair smell pretty. I don't notice it in my hair much, but I definitely notice it on my underarms! I've noticed several times that I've thought I got tooth paste on my shirt, only to realize it's my new deodorant! haha.

    I'm excited to mix scents like you mentioned when we have some more loose change and I pick up more scents.

    Where do you put the essential oils on your dog? And do you dilute it with anything? We have two pooches, and I'm curious to see how they could smell a tad fresher.


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      I make my own face wash and moisturizer. Lavender, Rosemary, patchouli, chamomile, and geranium.
      We use lavender on cuts and sores.
      Lemon, tea tree, and clove are disinfectants. I use them to clean and to freshen the air. There are a number of online sources and some great books. I LOVE my essential oils
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        i like geranium and peppermint; spearmint is great for a "clarifying" effect. seems to instantly relieve stress for me.

        i mostly use this around the office. i'm going to try the tangerine and peppermint. i like to keep it light, personally. a bit of a diffusion of the oil around the room before use.