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How long do nut butters last un-refrigerated?

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  • How long do nut butters last un-refrigerated?

    My husband, 10 year daughter and I are flying for a ski vacation (yay!) and we want to eat primal, and pack food so we don't spend money at the airport. I'd love to bring some nut butter on the plane to spread celery sticks and such, but how long does it last at room temperature?

    As an aside, here's what I have planned so far (in case you have suggestions!)

    -Unsweetened apple sauce
    -Mixed nuts


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    I keep cashew butter in the cupboard, not the fridge and it is fine for months.
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      is that like the old tootsie roll pop TV commercial? "How many licks to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? one, two, three, crunch!" :-))


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        Oh, are you sure you can take the nut butter and applesauce on the plane? Better check the current regs for the airline, just in case...I haven't flown for almost a year, so I don't know what's on the forbidden list anymore!
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          you could bring 3 ounces or less I believe. It should last fine unrefrigerated for a long time.


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            Also do double check with the airlines because sometimes you can get permission to bring extra 'liquids' if they are required because of health reasons. So you MIGHT be able to bring more than 3 ounces along.


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              Nut butters don't last long in my cupboard. :-)
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                I fly alot for work (3 weeks out of the month); off the top of my head, here's what I take with me and/or what I've gotten through security:

       a plastic bag (depending on the length of the flight, I may freeze it the night before)
                Tanka Bites
                Sea Bear Salmon packets
                Coconut butter...I put it in plastic zip locks (first time I tried to bring it through in the jar it got confiscated)
                Artisana Raw coconut butter packets
                Justin's almond butter packet
                Coconut flakes
                Raw Veggies (carrots, celery, zucchini, red peppers)
                Mustard Packets (sometimes you can snag these at airport restaurants)
                I always carry a spoon with me (they won't let forks and knives through)

                All the food I carry is in a big ziplock in my suitcase...I've never taken it out through security/ The only time I was questioned was in Tucson for the jar of Coconut Butter.

                I hate airport food and unfortunately have been stuck a few times and had to eat the sodium-filled, nutrition-less crap that they sell on the concourses.

                Have fun skiing!!!