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    A quick note to everyone out there that obsessively watches the scale and thinks that the number presented is an indicator if success. I've been going primal for several months now and the scale has barely budged (about 8 pounds). But, this morning I put on a pair of pants than haven't fit in almost 9 years. The scale is probably the WORST measure of progress! Best just back over it with your car and use your eyes and body as the measure.

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    Amen brother. Inches are always preferred over pounds. Congratulations fitting into smaller clothes is always the best feeling. Of course the expense of buying new clothes stinks.
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      And I'll add that I am a recovering numbers addict and have resolved to not step on the scale until March!


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        My only new year's resolution was to not weigh myself. I've felt so much better for it - really, what can a number tell me when the most important thing is how I physically and mentally feel?


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          Too true - I was a daily weigher for years, only recently I gave up doing it so obssessively, that number could throw my whole day off, and who let's one's actions be dictated by some tiny unreliable piece of data??


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            I can wake up feeling fantastic, not hardly sore at all, ready to have a great day. Hop in the shower, think about all I'll get done, and how I'll fit it all in. I'll then get on the scales, and it suddenly all disappears - my day can turn into a total write off, where every little thing seems to go wrong. Its incredible how much power that stupid little number can have!

            Now, I just focus on what I can do, and how I feel. I still hop on the scale once a week, mostly because going primal is new for me and I'm still paranoid and all uptight about it all, even though I'm feeling so much better. I focus on what I can do, and if something seems to large for me to handle, I just break it up, and tell myself its ok to stop and just deal with the smaller, more manageable stuff for now.

            Its hard for me to throw away the scale, but I'm slowly getting there!
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              Don't own a scale. Never have. Never will.
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                Ha! I've gone completely the opposite way with the scale. For the first time in my life I own one and I'm weighing in every morning when I wake up and every night before bed. I have never cared about what number is on the scale. I've always cared more for how I look then when the number says. So for me it's not a big deal. I don't get bent out of shape because I weight a pound more than yesterday or anything. I have found it to be very intriguing to see the fluctuation up and down and also have been finding I feel (physically) much better on the mornings when there is a small drop or no drop in weight compared to the night before. Why? Cause I'm less dehydrated! Thats the only way I'm loosing weight at night!

                But I DO agree with this thread. Don't obsess over 'weight' loss. Work for composition change instead!