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Tell me about any other obese, middle-aged women who are addressing issues w/ Primal

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  • Tell me about any other obese, middle-aged women who are addressing issues w/ Primal

    From the web scouring I've done, it seems Primal and paleo approaches to life mostly are adopted by young, already fit men and women who want to get a competitive edge and bragging rights when it comes to being "elite."

    Then there are the middle-aged ex-athletes (male) who want to regain some of their former glory.

    Then there are younger men and women who have genuine weight and health issues.

    I have yet to see anything significant regarding obese, middle-aged women who are in terrible physical condition thanks to CW brainwashing from the diet and exercise industry and well-meaning doctors.

    Some health issues cross age and gender boundaries, as do solutions. And I am so grateful that the Primal approach, emphasizing macromanagement, not micromanagement, of health has given me tools to begin addressing my health issues.

    As a result of ditching bread and sugar and ramping into exercise with wall pushups, I have lost sixteen pounds since November 3, and I could be imagining it, but my prominent gut is less so.

    The main thing is that it has been pretty much the no-brainer CW says is impossible, and I have stopped being paranoid about food.

    Still, as a 57-year-old woman, as someone who has always been a geek and not an athlete, and as someone who will not be jumping off small cliffs anytime soon, I need to know that there are others like me who are benefiting from the Primal approach.

    Anecdotal information, scientific studies involving older women, anything would be useful.


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    Well, I'm a 45 year old female, not obese, but I've been doing the PB since last July and seeing great (albeit sloooooowwwww LOL) results. There are a load of forties and up women here


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      I'm 47 female, not obese, doing PB since July with immediate and permanent success. I've always been more geek than athlete, and am unlikely to immerse myself in rock-throwing, spear-throwing, etc. However...I'm no longer willing to rule it out I've tried all kinds of things since last July that I used to only contemplate with the prefix "I would never...."

      Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
      Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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        50, female, been through menopause, all that. Have always been "outdoorsy", and what others call "athletic", although not competitively so. Never been obese, never experienced any of the more common health problems I see in many women my age, such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia; or even the menopause-related difficulties such as hot flashes. Pre-menopause, I did struggle with endometriosis, and never did quite figure out how to get the hormone balance right to combat that. So that one's still a mystery, and probably always will be.

        Been officially "primal" for several months; but was "near primal" even before that, just by lifestyle. I already ate high-protein, organic, home-grown or locally-grown. Just figured out a long time ago food like that tastes better in my mouth and feels better in my body. And call me paranoid, but I just did not trust what other people (corporations) were wanting me to put in my body. I was a "Food, Inc." believer before there was a "Food, Inc." expose. I've been kind of a tomboy all my life, so I already exercised and played in the manner that is advocated in The PB. Was already a "morning person" - that's the farm girl in me... up at dawn without an alarm clock, all my life. Lucky me.

        Therefore, I cannot give you any grand "life-altering" stories, because I didn't alter my life all that much to go Primal. Mostly, just went ahead and gave up the last of grains/breads, which I had already cut way down on, simply by preference. Haven't totally given up alcohol or some legumes, but have cut both down. I am 5'10", weigh about 150 (don't know for sure), and carry about 20% body fat (again, don't know for sure). Size 6 fits me very comfortably, some size 4 (when I can find it for my height) fits snug. I can drop and give you 50 push-ups (on my toes, not knees), and I'm good for exactly two pull-ups, and not trying to increase that number.

        What I can tell you is that living this way (or mostly this way) for all my life has made a huge difference between me and my cohort population. When I look around at other women my age, many of them are waddling through Hobby Lobby, huffing and puffing, and collecting little scrapbooking tidbits to glue onto pages because with their health they cannot do anything any more fun or exciting than that. No offense to any scrapbook aficionados here, but to me, cutting and gluing went out with kindergarten, and who wouldn't rather grab a tennis racket and go smack some balls around in the nice warm sun? Or run on the beach? Or ski down a challenging slope? Or hike the Pacific Crest? Or fly to Mykonos without spilling over into someone else's airplane seat?

        I am not healthy and fit so that I can run marathons or jump off high cliffs into the surf. I am healthy and fit so I can run and jump whenever and wherever I feel like it.

        I figured out a long time ago that you only get one body to live this life in. That's it. Just the one. So, a lot of people think I am built this way "just naturally", and "without effort". They are right. But not in the way that they think.


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          Hi Edith-
          I'm not 'middle-age' either--I'm OLD! A 69-year-old female, no longer obese, who ascribes to primal. I began my weight-loss journey several years ago with a generic low-carb eating plan and starting at my all-time high of 340 lbs (all my adult life, I was between 270 and 300). Besides being post-menopausal, I'm hypothyroid, so the loss has been slow over several years, but I'm now 159 (planning to maintain at 155).

          When I heard of primal, I'd already eliminated all grains and dairy, and the old change I made was to substitute organic almond butter for my organic peanut butter. In terms of exercise, I've been a (very slow) lap swimmer for the past 35 years, and that (and low carb) has helped me get off all meds for my severe osteoarthritis. I recently began doing strength work (on the machines at my health club), and I'm becoming addicted to that. I have muscle definition for the first time in my life!

          Coming from a generation in which athletics was not stressed for women and working out was unheard of, I never exercised until I was 35. But right now I feel the best I ever have--better than 35. So I'd advise you to stick with this!


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            I'm not middle aged 37 - but I'm on the over weight side for my height 5'3", especially after 2 pregnancies. Though I'm one of those women who gains muscle rather quickly. When I swam competitively in collage I bulked up to a lean 165lbs and my natural weight when everything is in balance is somewhere btwn 135-150lbs. At my leanest I probably was a size 4-6 and that was about 13yrs ago I don't know what I weighed then - I started gaining weight/loosing muscle when I switched to a Vegetarian diet around that time, trying to be "Healthy" following CW. for the past 10 yrs I've been on-off WW, and went from a Lean 145lb w/a good amt of muscle to a rolly-polly 165 and continued to gain weight after 2 successive pregnancies. after my last pregnancy - Started P90X and using CW eating habits I lost 13lbs (took me 6mths to loose those 13lbs) ... in Nov 2010 I moved to a primal WOL - and dropped 10lbs in 2mths, eating more and exercising less. I'm now down to my pre-pregnancy weight before my 2nd pregnancy of 175... and hoping to be down another 10lbs in the next month or 2 - then I'll be at my pre-pregnancy weight b4 my 1st pregnancy. I'd really like to get down to 135 - but I'd take 140 if that's where my body needs to be.... I'm looking to increase my muscle mass and strength. I'm doing a modified P90X (keeping the weight/strength days to under 30mins) and walking a lot w/both kids in tow when the weather is nice.
            I eat about 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% carbs. I average btwn 50-100g carbs/day. I do follow the 80/20 rule and don't beat myself up if I feel like I need some carbs - or if I want a cheat like pizza.

            this is a lifestyle change - so the fat may not fall off in a blink of an eye - but I'll take slow and steady to burn away the belly fat and keep it off. I want to get lean, buff, sexy and strong all at once - I want to keep up w/DH and my kids as they grow up.
            The most depraved type of human being is the man without a purpose. ~ Ayn Rand
            What's your purpose? Mine is Optimal Health.

            Converted to PB November 2010
            SW 190lb
            Leptin Reset Redux (1Sep 2011) SW 170lbs
            25 Sep 2011 160lbs
            1 Dec 2011 158lbs!
            GW ~135lbs
            Mother of 2, and wife to a kick ass husband...trying to contain chaos and havoc on a daily basis

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              Edith, I'm a 54 woman with cerebral palsy, hypothyroidism, and bone on bone osteoarthritis in my CP affected left knee. I also have a strong family history of obesity and diabetes.

              January 1,2009 I weighed almost 200 lbs. I'm 5'5.5" tall. My total cholesterol was 217, DLDL- 129, HDL-48, Triglycerides 148, Fasting glucose 98, fasting insulin-8, HbA1c 4.9. Exercise was impossible. I was tired all the time and the pain from arthritis was managed with prescription drugs.

              January 1, 2011 I weigh 65+pounds less. My total cholesterol is 159, DLDL-65, HDL-76, triglycerides-77, fasting glucose-80, fasting insulin- <2, HbA1c 4.7. While, like you, I will never be jumping off cliffs, I did do the equivalent of a half marathon on the treadmill in November. I've not taken prescription pain meds in well over a year.

              Having CP complicates the "lifting heavy things" part of PB.I have, however, found ways that work for me.


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                There are lots of us 50's & 60's + gals on this site. You can also find more info in the "Groups" area. I don't think people go there as often as the forum though. There is an "Elders" group and 'Womens" group. The common theme is definitely that we have a bit harder time losing the pounds but we struggle on. I lost 20 pounds, right off, the first few months but then stagnated but I feel sooooooo much better I don't care how long the weight loss takes. I have stopped weighing myself entirely so I don't continue to beat myself up.

                I have more energy and my arthritus is gone. My cholesterol went down 45 points the first couple of months as well as all the other inflammatory indicators. There are more things than weight to worry about.
                I look forward to hearing about your progress.


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                  Hi Edith,
                  I just turned 60 and started PB about 3 weeks ago, at the suggestion of my oldest son, who has been bowled over by how much better he feels since he's changed his eating habits.
                  I was always pretty thin (5'2" and 110ish lbs) until I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 12 yrs ago. I was never an exerciser, as girls didn't do that stuff when I was growing up and honestly, I pretty much hated everything I tried. But the weight started piling on after the diagnosis, and it felt like I could never quite get satisfied with what I was eating. I ate tons of grains, gluten free pasta, bread, etc, thinking that these would fill me up. I dabbled with being a vegetarian for a few years......that tasted great to me but talk about never feeling sated! And even after I totally gave up wheat, rye, oats and barley, my digestion still seemed kind of "off". Oftentimes I would get really bloated with tons of gas and discomfort, or diarrhea for no apparent reason. For a long time I thought that was just normal! I talked to my GI celiac specialist about it and he told me that he thought it was probably due to cross contamination in my house. After realizing that I was never going to get my husband and 2 kids still at home to be extra careful about crumbs I put my foot down and decided that my kitchen was going to be GF. If they wanted bagels, cereal, sandwiches, etc., they could have them either outside the house or downstairs in the basement where there is a small refrigerator, sink, etc. After 6 mos of a GF kitchen, my digestive system was no better! When my oldest son told me about paleo and grainless diets, I jumped onboard pretty quick. After the first few days I noticed a huge difference in my gut.

                  In all honesty, I haven't weighed myself since I started and only have a vague idea of
                  what the scale might be, but I get so scale crazy that I'm trying to do without it now.
                  But I do need to lose probably 20ish pounds. ( I'm quite pissed at myself that I
                  managed to lose 25 lbs last year on WW in time for my sons wedding, only to gain it all
                  back again) I decided though that I was going
                  to start PB with the goal of eating healthy and feeling better. When I get those both
                  under control the plan is to start a very easy exercise routine and start monitoring
                  calories/carbs more closely to lose the weight.

                  So yes, there are more of us around here. And we may not have the same goals as 30 yr olds, but they are just as important to us and we deserve to try and improve our lives just as much as they do, regardless of our age. I don't want to turn into one of those crabby, everything aches old lady! It's never too late...........


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                    Entwyf, Here's a little middle-aged female success story for you: My third chin is gone and my second one is shrinking!

                    Fifty-eight here and have a litany of chronic health issues I'd just rather not recite (the so-called "The Organ Recital"). Had given up most grains, soy, corn, processed foods, artificial colors and flavors before getting more serious and joining in here last Spring. I've found that cutting out all grains and sugars makes me feel much better. Eating more good quality protein makes me feel better. And keeping carbs below 100 grams has been amazingly helpful for my chronic migraines. I still have a hard time eating as much meat as I need to to make primal work; and I'm still conflicted about dairy. (Probably those last two are cause and effect.)

                    Right now I need to get my activity level back up, but I'm getting over the flu. One foot in front of the other!


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                      Check out the Gals over 50 thread ,

                      There are plenty of us Ripe Grokettes here, better than "mature" in my book . I'm 57, lost 30 lbs with WW, another + or - 10 with Protein Power and primal and wouldlike to lose another 10. I'm battling osteorarthritis to the point of just about throwing in the towel on a hip replacement. Right now my biggest issue is getting back on the exercise track, which I have completely fallen off of because of pain and laziness.
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                        Oh, thank you so much! This is so wonderful to read. I will have to check out groups. I really have been encouraged by just two months on the Primal path, even though beginning it coincided with getting a Bad Bug of some sort. (I credit Primal for helping me cope with coughing, drippy nose, brain of mush.)

                        It has been so easy to eat and move and not worry about "have I lost a quarter of an ounce yet?" I have learned an amazing amount in two months. It's the type of support that women tend to give each other that has been lacking, but thanks! I'm feeling it now.



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                          61 here, post-menopausal and petite. Overweight, though not obese. Weight loss can be very problematical, since 1500 calories would be a maintenance goal for me. Not much room to realistically reduce calories from there. Even before PB, I did not believe that frequent, strenuous exercise was a good thing -- so no way to sweat myself thin either. Went primal-ish in April 2010, full primal (with dairy) in July. Lost 18 pounds since April, so very slow going -- about 1/2 pound per week. I don't really look at PB as a weight loss plan though. It is a healthy eating plan which incidentally helps me lower my body weight to its own natural set-point, along with all the other health benefits. I am feeding the "littler" me and slowly but surely, she is emerging. I do not "do" diets, ever. I am content to let the pounds trickle away, because I feel stronger and more alive every day. I have not set a goal weight. Remember that old Doris Day song, Que Sera, Sera? That's pretty much how I feel about my weight and all the health markers so many stress about. I am doing everything I know how to do in order to optimize my health, and if it isn't enough, well -- really, I don't want to know, because I wouldn't do a single thing differently. I take no medications of any kind, and I fully intend to keep it that way. Good clean food is my medicine.


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                            I'm in my early 40's, not obese but more padding than I would like. I have a horrible family history of adult-onset diabetes and cardio problems. That's why I've shifted to a primal-ish way of life is to break the cycle in my family and not follow down that same path. At my current age, many of my close family members had already been diagnosed with diabetes. I have escaped that fate, and I plan to continue escaping it.

                            I'm not as hard-core as others in the group, although I'm also still in the learning phases. I started with low-carbing last April and have been shifting to more of a Primal approach the past couple of months.

                            I've been an active person my entire life, but I'm not athletic by any means. I appreciate the Primal approach to fitness in that I don't feel like I need to kill myself with exercise for hours and hours every week in order to reap the benefits.

                            Since switching to a low-carb way of eating and then shifting to a Primal lifestyle, both myself and my hubby have noticed many benefits. I'm not going back. This is too good for so many reasons. And I still treat myself to a really good scoop of ice cream or rich dessert once in a while so I feel like I'm not missing anything.

                            I haven't had weight fall off of me super fast on low-carb or Primal, but I'm fitter and more toned than I've been in years. And I feel really good. So I don't stress about the number on the scale and just focus on being as healthy as I can be and enjoying how good I feel.


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                              I posted in the Gals over 50? thread too. I think PB is beneficial for any age group and I found it gives a common-sense approach to weight loss/management and healthy living in general. As mentioned in the other thread, I've lost over 100#s eating this way and one great thing about being older is that most of us remember preparing foods as we were around before the onslaught of prepared, packaged convenience foods and frequent dining out. Most of us know how to cook which, from my reading of various boards, is somewhat of a novelty with many younger people.

                              Originally posted by entwyf View Post
                              Still, as a 57-year-old woman, as someone who has always been a geek and not an athlete, and as someone who will not be jumping off small cliffs anytime soon, I need to know that there are others like me who are benefiting from the Primal approach.
                              As a fellow geek I should mention that the exercise part of PB is not something that I have really followed other than the welcomed suggestion that doing crazy cardio isn't necessary. Most of my physical activity is from home renovation, yard work, snow removal (have a LOT of that this winter) so I guess in a way I am following parts of it (lift heavy things, moving frequently, etc.) but I can't imagine my just doing a sprint unless I'm chasing a squirrel off of a bird feeder. LOL I do like Qi Gong and using my Wii but those are probably the only intentional exercise things I do.

                              I think there are a number of us mature gals here who are following PB and adapting it to fit our various situations (physical abilities, health issues, food sensitivities, weight issues, etc.).