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When does the urge to 'share' stop?

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  • When does the urge to 'share' stop?

    I went from vegan to primal mid-October last year, so I'm almost 3 months in... I'm still encountering people who knew me as a vegan, so the opportunity to 'explain' my new diet is still coming up.

    I find that I'm also eager to 'splain the Primal Thing to strangers, too--when the topic of food is even remotely nearby! I guess I'm still 'excited' by the idea that the cultural nutritional emperor has no clothes...

    But, you know what's coming, right? The reactions I get are either the glazed eyeballs, the "poor thing, he's gone nuts" look, the "even if he's right, don't make me change the way I eat..." look...

    I keep forgetting that everyone else doesn't think and feel the same way I do about things! But I'm always left with that frustrated feeling of, "People! Wake UP! The info is out there! Open your MINDS! How can you not be interested in being healthier?!" And, of course, it being the New Year, I'm surrounded by people (ladies in the office--I'm looking at YOU!) who are excitedly jabbering about their new diets and gym memberships. It makes me want to grab a bullhorn and announce, "I have the answer--stop wasting your time! You have nothing to lose but your tonnage!"

    And I can't decide which is more frustrating: The people who reject it outright--or the people (like my mother) who take the info in, believe it's completely plausible--but choose to ignore it!

    [Seeing all of that in writing--instead of just in my head--makes me sound a bit...what...arrogant?....cultish?! But, dammit, we're on to something here!!]

    So, how long does it take for the 'urge to share' to disappear? It feels like my head is getting bruised from banging it against the CW. (Cultural Inertia is a BITCH!)

    On a related note, have any of you 'converted' anyone yet?
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    I have a friend and her husband who are going for it. And a husband who keeps threatening too.

    I haven't offered info I wasn't asked for by any of them....they just watched me get healthier and happier and asked what the heck I was doing to achieve that. I think that's the key. Turn your arrogance into an unspoken sense of superiority and an unmistakable improvement in your wellbeing

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      I've had someone make fun of me and another person get very angry with me... even though they are the ones who brought it up and asked!

      My husband is converting. He is a scientist and the science part makes perfect sense to him.


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        I still really REALLY want to share (almost three months since primal), but I'm learning to keep my mouth shut. Went a little crazy with talking about it to a few close people and kept keeping the glazed over look.

        Now, if someone asks/comments - I explain a super tiny bit and keep it mostly to cutting out grains and sugars - and I try to stay away from calling it primal, or bring up the more hardcore fat intake - unless someone asks. Which then leads to a crazy face when I tell them my fat intake.

        In the process of slowly converting my mom. She's seen such great results with my diabetes (and that it's non existent when on a controlled primal diet) she wants to try regulating her crazy high (400's +) blood glucose. Not sure if she can get off of insulin, her pancreas is completely shot now - but lowering insulin would be wonderful since she pays out of pocket for it.

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          Originally posted by wilberfan View Post
          "People! Wake UP! The info is out there! Open your MINDS! How can you not be interested in being healthier?!" And, of course, it being the New Year, I'm surrounded by people (ladies in the office--I'm looking at YOU!) who are excitedly jabbering about their new diets and gym memberships. It makes me want to grab a bullhorn and announce, "I have the answer--stop wasting your time! You have nothing to lose but your tonnage!"
          I hear you and I couldn't have said it better. There are several here on the forum who have converted others. I don't even talk about it. Even if someone asks me I give a very short answer because the reaction I get makes it seem like they are viewing me as someone who is wearing aluminum foil on his head. My mother got angry with me when I talked a little about health, but she was the one that asked.
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            I don't say nuthin.

            I had the same reactions... people asking and then either getting irritated or arguing with me about my choice. So I just stopped answering fully. I'll say I don't eat grains or sugar and leave it at that. Even when they ask why, I just say it's pretty complex, but I could recommend a good book... and that usually shuts them up.

            Hubs has picked up on some of it though, so that's a plus.
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              My biggest frustration is my family- my dad is a runner who started in the 70s, and he's a Pritikin fan. And my mom, whose dr told her to cut her cholesterol, or she'll go on statins, and she's a dr who doesn't rush to medication, according to my mom. I keep sharing articles with her, because to me, I'd rather have slightly high cholesterol than go on statins, but well, you know- CW.

              Of course, why should they listen to me? I'm fat. I hope that my body composition will slowly change, and when people say, "What did you do to lose all that weight?", I can say, "steak. Lots of steak. And butter!" ROFL!

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                I wait for others to ask me what's up. I have lost 14 pounds since October and folks are starting to take notice. My face has really leaned out and my gut is slowly starting to go away too (yeah!) 14 pounds is kind of a lot of a 5'7" guy who started out at 164lb. I coach a lot of triathletes and I wanted to get a better physique to be a role model for my clients to emulate. Not a lot of people are terribly encouraged by a fat trainer. If they ask how I did it, I am glad to share my story and provide them with a get started guide, but they have to want to do it.

                For folks who I just met, its different.

                I think you need to work on your "primal elevator pitch". It needs to be no more than 30 seconds long and encompass your all around philosophy of eating, living, sleeping, exercising...

                Here is a sample of the paleo elevator pitch from the folks over at whole9 that is specific to nutrition:

                The Whole9 Nutrition Elevator Pitch

                I eat “real” food – fresh, natural food like meat, vegetables and fruit. I choose foods that are nutrient dense, with lots of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, over foods that have more calories but less nutrition. And food quality is important – I’m careful about where my meat comes from, and buy produce locally and organically as often as possible.

                It’s not a low calorie “diet” – I eat as much as I need to maintain strength, energy and a healthy weight. In fact, my diet is probably much higher in fat than you’d imagine. Fat isn’t the enemy – it’s a great energy source when it comes from high quality foods like avocado, coconut and nuts. And I’m not trying to do a “low carb” thing, but since I’m eating vegetables and fruits instead of bread, cereal and pasta, it just happens to work out that way.
                Eating like this is good for maintaining a healthy metabolism, and reducing inflammation within the body. It’s been doing great things for my energy levels, body composition and performance in the gym. It also helps to minimize my risk for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions, like diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

                You could easily pare that down, add a sentence about your exercise protocol and why you love it and you would have a lifestyle pitch.

                When I get home tonight I will post my elevator pitch I did a few months ago, its on my other computer.



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                  I have learned to not try to convert unless someone takes the initiative to ask about what I'm doing. Even then I don't push, at all.

                  But I hope that when I see someone suffering from CW, I always, from now until I die, wish, even pray, they see the light.
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                    Oh how do I understand where your coming from. I told my hairdresser the other day I feel as someone who has found religion. "I've seen the devil and he is grains and sugar!!!!!"
                    I fight the urge to spread the gospel because there's nothing that annoys me more than fanatics spouting on and on and on. I DON'T want to be one of THOSE!
                    That doesn't mean I haven't. When asked "Laura, what are you doing? You have lost so much weight. You're looking so good!" I always preface my response with, "OK. You asked. I know I'm gonna sound like some kook, but this is FOR REAL!"

                    I'm finding most people just cannot accept it. But I have faith that eventually to world WILL be convinced by the science of it.


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                      With the exception of my dear Husband, whose long healthy life is of personal interest to me, I have not once felt the urge to "convert" anyone. I guess I am just not a nice person, but I really do not givadam if someone else "gets it", or if the whole world "gets it". I feel no compulsion whatsoever to convince someone else to change their way of life. If someone were to ask me "why do you seem so healthy?" (hasn't happened yet), I'd tell them to go to and search for "Primal Blueprint". That would be the extent of my "elevator speech".

                      I am also a firm believer in the Socratic adage "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".

                      I do thank Mark and others who were great enough to do the research, report on it, and write about it in a book that makes sense.

                      And I did give copies of the PB and the PB Cookbook away to people for Christmas, because they are people I knew would be interested in reading that sort of book.

                      But I have no intention whatsoever in following up on that with any "how did you like the book?" type questions.


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                        A lot of our friends are vegan, raw vegan or vegetarian, so it almost always comes up in conversation if we are eating together. Having been one of those "evangelical" vegetarians, I am much more laid back now--so no trying to convert. That said, I feel very comfortable (and dare I say, smug) about my food choices, so when I share info in response to questions or just share an update (went low carb, lost belly fat) folks usually listen. And yes, I have influenced a few!
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                          I've taken my urge to share online and have started a blog! That's the best way: It gets the word out to tons of people you may never meet on a day-to-day basis. I hate explaining myself (in real life situations) so only 'share' with people I know are seriously interested.... others I can't be bothered. I'm just a little shy, I guess



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                            Lol. I'm a week in and I feel the same way. I want to tell everyone and help everyone because I strongly believe this works. But my brother said to me yesterday, come back in 3 months and if you've lost weight, then I'll listen to everything you have to say. So I decided I'm am going to keep my mouth shut and just let my progress speak for itself. It's really hard, but I figure, just like going off of carbs, the more you do it, the easier it gets.
                            And if people do ask me, I'm going to send them to this site and refer them to the the book and books on paleo eating. I have a tendency to research everything, but I noticed that not alot of people do that. So I always want to share my research with them and do all the "work" for them. But I think if they really want to change, then they would take the effort to read and research for themselves.
                            But yes, I do find it hard to be around people who say they want to change but are unwilling to do anything about it. It's really frustrating and I just don't like being around that energy.


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                              Originally posted by Karma View Post
                              I think you need to work on your "primal elevator pitch".

                              When I get home tonight I will post my elevator pitch I did a few months ago, its on my other computer.
                              That would be great. I'm like you, and wait until someone asks (although I've certainly bored my family to tears a few times in the earlier months).

                              If someone at work asks, my pitch isn't 30 seconds, more like 10: "It's all about the nutrition." I'm not looking for converts who might snag the 1/2 price grass-fed steak ahead of me.
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