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  • Refrigeration needed?

    I made a huge batch of kale chips tonight as the kale was getting oldish. There is more than I care to eat in one night. Do the leftovers need to be refrigerated? I dressed with only EVOO and salt.
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    I've left them on the cupboard out for several days and don't seem to have any issues.
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      I think they keep better out of the fridge than in. Inside there is too much moisture in the air. Makes them go soggy.

      BTW you ARE going to get your chin over that bar in 2011. You can do it. Thanks for taking up the Challenge.



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        So how does one make kale chips anyway? It'll have to wait for more Kale since I used up my kale tonight but that sounds tasty!


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          Thanks, I will leave them out. I was worried about moisture from the fridge.

          Robin, thanks for the encouragement.

          Noctiluca, check out this link.
          Food should be fun--Thomas Keller


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            Anyone have any ideas for how to make these salt-and-vinegar flavored? That's my favorite potato chip flavor, and my couple of attempts with plain kale chips have been good except for a slight vegetably taste that I'm not particularly fond of. I'm thinking salt-and-vinegar would cover that, but adding vinegar adds moisture which isn't good for making them crispy. Maybe I could bake the salt with vinegar in it and then add it after cooking?

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              Hi Lizch -

              I haven't tried these, but I came across this recipe today and thought of you.......

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