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Vitamin D Synthesis and Water

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  • Vitamin D Synthesis and Water

    To what degree does being in the water affect your ability to synthesize vitamin d from the sun? For example going to an outdoor pool and swimming laps. I know that it has to be limited to a degree, but by how much? Am I getting any vitamin d while I am in the water?

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    I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this question (meaning, I don't think there have been any studies done.) There was a study (or 2) of Hawaiian lifeguards and surfers and the surfers had lower vitamin D levels than the lifeguards. I think it may be more a matter of the water (or showering) washing off the oils on your skin where a lot of the D is hanging out after it is synthesized. Dr. Mercola recommends washing without soap (except for the necessary bits!) for 2 days after sun exposure. I have no idea what effect chlorine has on D synthesis, if any.

    I wouldn't count on this for your only sun exposure, if that's how you plan on getting your D--but that's just a gut feeling. Best to get your levels checked and see if your sun exposure is sufficient or if you need to supplement.
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      That all makes sense, the effect of chlorine would be an interesting component to look into more.

      I was mainly asking out of curiosity, I was in the pool yesterday and the thought passed through my mind. I am looking forward to spring when my work takes me outside more, and I can actually get a decent amount of sunshine during the week, instead of having to wait for the weekend to play in the sun!