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My 20%: Jason's Deli--what should I get?

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  • My 20%: Jason's Deli--what should I get?

    For a meeting at work, my boss is catering with Jason's Deli (woo hoo!). I've read good things about them, even on this board I think, and it's my first time partaking. I have to pick a sandwich, and it comes with a cookie so I'm just going to count it in my 20% and roll with it.

    Any suggestions about what is particularly good there? I was thinking I might do a chicken or tuna salad sandwich but I don't want to get it if it's just ok or sub-par. Also, what about cookies?


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    Do you have to get a sandwich? I actually went there for lunch yesterday with a group and got the chef's salad. Deli meat, eggs, olives, cheese, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Not perfect with the deli meat, but much better than a sandwich--no grains. I felt pretty good about that lunch out compared to most others.
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      If it was me I would go with the Chef's Salad as well. I used to love eating at all types of deli's but now I just don't even crave bread.
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      People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.


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        If you can get a chef's salad, that's definitely the way to go. Their chicken/tuna salad will certainly have store-bought mayo in it, and who knows what else (it can get pretty weird!).

        Where I work, people who don't want their cookies (and often, chips) just put them in the middle of the table and no one thinks it's weird.

        Depending on the size of the group, sometimes they bring platters for build-your-own sammiches, in which case I always ignore the bread and build a meaty salad plate. Stick with sliced turkey, roast beef, other pure stuff over the more heavily adulterated ham, salami, bologna, etc. Maybe take an avocado to add for fat?

        If they're just giving you a list of sandwiches from which to choose, I suggest roast beef on any bread that's not a "wrap". The wraps get mushy and it's hard to get the goodness out. With a submarine roll or regular bread, you can just take the top off and eat the insides with a fork. That's what I do anyway!
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          We did Jason's deli for a meeting a few weeks lunches. I just clearly wrote my substitutions on the sheet (and in parentheses said that I do not eat wheat). I was able to make the sandwich into a salad and subbed cookie for fruit with no problem. Definitely ask....don't just "roll with it."


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            I have had catered box lunches at my old job from Jasons, and being gluten intolerant I always requested a chefs salad too. If you state you are avoiding something like gluten anymore, most folks doing the catering make sure to get you an alternative and it isn't a hassle. Although I will say I have had other people look at my chefs salad and go 'ohhhh, that looks better then my sandwich'
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              I love the nutty mixed up salad. It is with chicken but has feta cheese. If you aren't eating dairy then make sure they don't put it on.