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Primal Pregnancy help needed!!

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  • Primal Pregnancy help needed!!

    Hi All

    I started my primal journey in September 2010 and saw some great results. i am now 8 weeks pregnant and have completely fallen out of primal ways. The first 6 weeks went really well eating and exercising as normal. As soon as i hit 6 weeks, the nausea and fatigue began. This is where my trouble started.

    I have serious food aversions and have no desire to eat red meat at all. I cant even think about eating chicken. I have been able to comfortably eat cold crunchy fruit and vegies, capsicum, carrots, nectarines etc (nothing cooked).... The only other foods i seem to be able to stomach are wheat and rice based products. They are also the only foods that help relieve the nausea. i have tried just about every recommended cure there is. i am taking vitamin b6 supps, eating small amount frequently, eating ginger etc but my desire and need to eat grain based products is the only thing that is really helping.

    Some people are telling me just eat what you can as it is better to eat than not eat. Others tell me this will pass by the end of the first trimester and i can resume my primal living then. I really want to get back on track as soon as possible but am not seeing any way this can happen anytime soon.

    I could really do with some advice from anyone who has been through a primal pregnancy/similar experience.

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    Congrats on your pregnancy!

    No personal experience, but have seen plenty of pregnancy journals here (and I work with pregnant moms IRL) to know that you just need to follow your body right now. If dairy works for you, then you might try some kefir or yoghurt or cheese. The "creaminess" seems to work for some women. Scrambled eggs? White rice is much better than wheat in terms of phytotoxins...

    And it's much more important for your baby that you are relaxed, then that you eat "perfectly", KWIM?
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      i haven't been through a primal pregnancy, and like my friend (who was also vegetarian before getting pregnant), we both went toward meat while pregnant.

      even so, here is what advices i have.

      looking at what you are comfortable eating -- which is largely fruit and veg -- you are craving the grains and starchier carbs because of the sugar rush. so, first thing, i would balance out the sugars of the fruit and veg with some form of fat: mayonaise-based dip for the veggies, yogurt or coconut cream for the fruits. at the very least, it will help level out the blood sugar.

      what protein sources can you handle? eggs? fish? cheese/yogurt? go ahead and eat those. don't worry about eating too many at this point. it's just about getting enough calories for yourself now (since the baby isn't taking up too many). you are mostly looking for nutrient diversity.

      as far as digestion goes, everyone always jumps up and down about ginger and any tummy troubles. fact is, ginger is pretty specific for tummy troubles. it depends upon why one is having tummy troubles to know whether or not ginger applies. Ginger is a stimulant, and it stimulates the movement of the stomach and digestion. if you are digesting ok (not constipated, gassy, etc), then you don't need more ginger. you need something to calm the stomach. So, calming things include: chamomile tea, peppermint tea, papaya, and pineapple (if you can handle the acidity). it's good to finish a meal with such a thing, and also to go ahead and have it in between if you feel nausea. i personally disregard the "may be harmful to pregnancy" label on the tea because, well, i don't believe it's harmful.

      it is true that in a few weeks, most of this stuff will be through and you'll be fine. in the mean time, you might make the latkes that Mark has as a recipe as well. all kinds of veggies plus the fat, it's a really good option for something that feels similar to having bread or what have you.

      also, your prenatal vitamin might be increasing the nausea, so you can consider switching or not taking it altogether. i didn't take prenatal vitamins because i believe we can get what we need through food. my son is healthy as can be, too.

      congratulations on your pregnancy, and i hope you feel better soon!


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        Originally posted by zoebird
        also, your prenatal vitamin might be increasing the nausea, so you can consider switching or not taking it altogether
        Yes--my sister (who is primal and pregnant) was taking a prenatal that caused her lots of nausea. Switching to a different brand made an enormous difference, within a few days. (I believe her favorite prenatal multi is the one cillakat recommends--she's an mda forum member full of helpful info. If you look in her google docs which are linked in the sig line of all of her posts, you'll find it--sorry I don't have a link/brand name to share!)

        I've also read that milk thistle can be helpful for morning sickness, although I have no idea how safe it is during pregnancy. This thread is all about preventing/reducing morning sickness and may be helpful:

        Good luck figuring out what works best for you!
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          Thanks for all the tips everyone. I have started taking my Prenatal vitamin in the evening right before bed and the nausea has reduced slightly. I have also stocked up on some rice based products so that when it hits i can reach for those rather than all of the wheat based products i am surrounded with at work.

          i appreciate the feedback!!