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    I have experienced acne since going primal over the past few months.. a bummer I am getting several at a time along my hair line and on my cheeks where i have NEVER experienced it before. I might also try reducing my dairy... which is going to be kinda sad, but I won't stop going PB over these pesty pimples... lol the results with wieght and energy and mood make it all the worth it.


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      Originally posted by zoebird View Post
      do a quick search on "candida die off" and look at the different symptoms that people experience.

      my cradle-cap/dander went from tolerable to insane when i got off the grains, and now is back to tolerable and hopefully will be moving toward gone soon.
      Best information that could have been given here, I read the symptoms and back when I went PB randomly without slow die off; I had a lot of those other symptoms, so it makes perfect sense now. Stickin in there!!! Thanks a bunch for the candida die off info.