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  • BoarFest 2011!

    That's right, Boarfest 2011 is being planned!

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Boarfest 2010, it was a boar roast I hosted for Primal Blueprint lifestylers. We roasted a boar, ate copious amounts of wild boar, venison, vegetables, fruits, and wine. There was a bonfire and live music. It was a fantastic gathering that absolutely must be repeated.

    With some learning from last year's trial and error, there will be a few changes to hopefully make it run a bit smoother, make it even more enjoyable, and best of all... do something good.

    Boarfest will be held July 30th, 2011. This will be basically a one-day boar roast, but attendees are more than welcome to camp out between July 29th at noon to July 31st at 4pm.

    Tasty Boar..jpg

    For more information, go HERE

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    Wish I lived closer, I'd love to try the wild boar and hang out. do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

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      Im interested were is this taking place?
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        Maybe your Boarfest can become the East Coast version of Primalcon. Looks yummy.


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          Nomnomnom! I <3 piggy!


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            It's gonna be a great time. I hope as many people come as humanly possible. Not only do I want to meet awesome Primals, but I really want to raise enough money to buy a pig (or better) for a family.

            I don't know about it being anything like PrimalCon. We're not learning anything, but we are having a bad-ass barbecue!

            Jon- it's in a little town called Addison, about 20 minutes from Corning, NY.


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              It's official! Boarfest 2011 tickets are now on sale!



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                You're in OH, right? I am just next door. I'd love to meet you. Will you have other meat options besides boar? I don't eat pork.

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                  Actually I'm in western NY, but I'm hoping to make a trip to OH this spring/summer to visit some other Primal friends. Maybe a spontaneous Primal meetup can be put together?

                  I'm not sure what meat options will be available until the event gets closer. Last year we ended up with some windfall venison and raw goat milk. A friend got a buttload of clams cheap so we steamed those up too. If all else fails I'm sure concessions can be made, especially if you're willing to travel all the way to NY. (Though boy oh boy you're really missing out with the boar. ) LOL


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                    I want to get a portion of a cow this spring. Maybe I can bring some steak or something. NY, eh? Don't know if that would be as doable...

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                      Just a quick reminder: We're 2 months from the registration deadline, so get your tickets ordered. One lucky attendee will go home with a GALLON of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil.


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                        Hmmm, now what could I do with a GALLON of coconut oil?


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                          Use it to fuel candles


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                            Originally posted by Pandadude View Post
                            Use it to fuel candles

                            Oooor I could see how many nursing home stair cases I could grease with just 1 gallon of coconut oil.


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                              Oh yeah! I almost forgot!

                              Thanks to Tropical Traditions for really stepping it up! Not only are we giving away a gallon of Gold Label CO at the event, they've also given us a huge prize pack to give away to online donors!

                              Every donation of $5 is an entry to win:
                              -5 of their lip moisturizers,
                              -2 insect repellents,
                              -1 each of their liquid soaps,
                              -1 each of their bar soaps, and...
                              -a gallon bucket of coconut chips!

                              $10 is two entries. $50 is ten entries. You can enter as many times as you want. The winner will be drawn at Boarfest.

                              For more information: The Wilderness Childe: Boarfest Sponsor Announcement & Giveaway!