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Diagnose my itchies, fellow Grok(ette)s

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  • Diagnose my itchies, fellow Grok(ette)s

    About a week ago I went off dairy completely. I had a minor slip yesterday afternoon and ate some goat cheese by accident. Prior to going off dairy I ate goat cheese regularly.

    Last night I suddenly realized my upper arms were covered with itchy small red bumps - classic minor hives. I also had a few on the very tops of my cheekbones, just under my eye sockets, and those were itchy too.

    The last time I can remember getting something like this, oddly enough, was more than 5 years ago, when I was taking an evolutionary psych class and went paleo for 3 or 4 days as an experiment. At that time, I put it down to brazil nuts (and that seemed to be borne out a few months later when I put some lotion that contained brazil nut oil on my arms and they broke out again.) Now, I DID eat a package of nuts from Starbucks yesterday, and it's possible they snuck a brazil nut in there. I was kind of multitasking when I ate it so I don't know, and I tossed the package. I don't think I'm THAT sensitive to brazil nuts and I think I would have noticed, anyway.

    Also, my daughter had an unexplained hive-like rash about 2 weeks ago, it appeared Christmas Eve and persisted for several days despite antihistamines and calamine. (The calamine hasn't done much for me, and I haven't taken an antihistamine because they make me dopey.)

    Sooo... what do you think? Reaction to goat cheese? Nuts? Something else?

    Here's what I ate yesterday, to the best of my recollection:

    - 2 slices natural bacon & 2 eggs
    - package of nuts
    - clam chowder from a restaurant - may have contained some cornstarch, had a few chunks of potato, oh crap THAT probably had milk in it too, jeez that was NOT a great thinking day, yesterday...
    - about 1 oz goat cheese and some seed crackers
    - a mandarin orange
    - homemade soup containing chicken stock, onion, carrot, celery, red pepper, savoy cabbage, dried mushrooms, dried shrimp, pork & sesame oil (yes it WAS yummy)
    - blood orange
    - a walnut I found on the counter

    The likeliest candidates I can see are the nuts, the seed crackers, and the chowder. The other possibility is that it's a weird virus that I caught from DD that has a lengthy incubation period.

    What do you think? Feel free to berate me for the chowder, that was dumb. But I don't see how I could react to the milk or goat cheese after only a week off it. Has anyone else experienced anything like this though?

    (Also, my insides are very gurgly and I've spent quite a bit of time on the loo last night and tonight. Sorry for the TMI but...)

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    The digestive upset is classic of bad seafood which would point to the chowder as the culprit.


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      Yup, I'll buy that... although it tasted just fine, the restaurant was a good one, and the child wasn't affected at all - but would it cause a rash?


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        Probably not unless you have a seafood allergy. The rash may be a separate thing.